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@Bart_H , I’ve done a lot of thinking on this topic in the past, and I had some ideas if your interested.

I definitely think that resilient attacks should only bypass dodge, not remove it entirely. However, something needs to remove dodge, and it should be in the resilient class (otherwise the only option would be nullify and definite attacks, neither of which are really common in resilients, the class that should be countering dodge). My idea was to propose a new kind of move to be given to a very limited number of resilient creatures. These moves would decelerate and remove dodge, but would NOT cleanse distraction. Here are my ideas:

These new resilient attacks are so similar to superiority attacks, that the two could probably be combined as “resilient strike/impact/rampage”. As @Funtime_dino says below, superiority attacks are outdated, and could just be replaced by resilient attacks if they didn’t remove dodge entirely. The superiority icons could be used for all “resilient” attacks though, because they better match what they do. As such, these would be the main attacks used by most resilients. Bypassing dodge instead of removing it means that resilients would be forced to use their “resilient” attacks to deal with dodge, and they would no longer prevent cloaked attacks unless they managed to kill the cloak user first (making cloak a lot more viable overall).

These would be the new attacks. Again, the idea is to counter cunnings, but to not counter every cunning option at once: hence why they don’t cleanse distraction. The current resilient icons could be used, since they reference deceleration and dodge removal but not cleansing. Decel duration and cooldowns could be adjusted as needed. These moves would be given to select groups of resilients. One candidate could be the Rhinos: since they have high attack stats for resilients, these moves would still let them decelerate and counter dodge, while allowing them to be fully distracted. Trykosaurus could also receive this kind move instead of resilient impact (and maybe get an attack or hp buff). These attacks could also replace group decelerating attacks on Stegosaurs, to give them a more unique niche as anti-dodge resilients. They could retain their resilient attacks to give them some distraction cleansing options.


I think just getting rid of superiority is fine is from an era that’s way behind us; resilient would basically just take its place like how cunning and fierce have done for most shattering and distraction moves

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resil strike (and the like) being able to completely remove dodge and cloak could be fine if other aspects of it were different than superiority abilities. Slowing moves in general need to have some form variance that makes them more or less useful than the others.


I like it but wouldn’t that put those with ranking moves a a serious disadvantage against some cunning’s? Maybe add vulnerability or something just so the damage output could be around the same so something like this

Ranking deceleration

Remove dodge and cloak; reduce speed by 50% for 1 turn, opponent is vulnerable for this and next turn.

It would really increase the damage output that much but it give them some way to by pass that distraction without cleansing it.

Given how strong people think dodge removal is, I think they’re fine. Plus, they decelerate for two turns, not just one. Its more like decelerating impact/rampage plus dodge removal.

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Hmmm so would that replace deceleration then?

But if you rely only on nullify and precise, and removed precise from most resilient attacks, then resilients no longer counter dodge. If anything, resilients are the only class that should counter dodge, since it’s a cunning ability. Otherwise, cunnings are their own best counters.


It would be a bit different for every dino that got these moves. Like for rhinos, it could replace their resilient attacks, and on Stegosaurs it could replace their group decelerating attacks. But in practice, the move would function similarly to decelerating attacks. Deceleration in itself is a pretty strong ability.

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If Tryko were to lose distraction cleanse it could get that fancy counter back, would give it some extra utility, in exchange for that hefty nerf


Ya I think that’s fair maybe more health and armor to composite for distraction cleansing loss

Maybe. I’d like that, but it is a very strong counter. If anything, maybe it could get some stat buffs.

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I thought about that, but people are already saying that the rhinos do too much damage. Do you really think something like Woolly Rhino, Brontolasmus, Mammotherium, or Mammolania needs distraction resistance, or a buff to attack or hp? If anything, this might help tone them down a bit :sweat_smile:

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Y I think 4,500 hundred to counter the towers better at the cost of losing to spxs, magna, rinex, and such super hard or more than before

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I think just more health in case where it’s needs not all of them need it but if it’s too much then I think it should be buffed

Although I think you should tag the OP for like an example of what can be done to balance things out. Or ideas from the community on what should be done

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Maybe. The new moves would only nerf their damage output against distraction users, but they would already make up for it by slowing them down for longer (and being the only resilients that can remove dodge and cloak). So a buff to health wouldn’t really compensate for this nerf directly, they have plenty of survivability as it is.

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each tier of decel abilities should have something that makes them better in some situations but worse in others.

regular decel slows down for 2 or more turns, but doesnt bypass/remove evasion or cleanse distraction

superiority slows down for 1 turn, cleanse distraction and does not bypass evasion. some can stack vulnerability

resilient slows for 1 turn, bypass/ remove evasion, may apply vulnerability but does not cleans distraction.

superiority and resil are now different than each other and better at dealing with different cunning classes. and they are a natural progression form basic slow moves but sometimes slowing for 2 turns is better.

This, I agree with 100%

My issue with resilient not cleansing distraction is that distraction is far more common than dodge. So you have most resilient attacks countering an ability that most cunnings don’t use (leaving dodge as unreliable as it is right now), and very few resilient attacks (superiority attacks) countering the most common cunning ability (and most resilients have very low attack already: does something like Apatosaurus need to be fully distractable?). That just seems backwards to me. Since resilient and superiority are so similar right now, I’d rather just combine them outright, and deal with dodge removal separately. Even if dodge removal attacks only decelerate for one turn, distraction-cleansing resilient attacks should still be far more common.

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Hmm seems it’s almost unanimous; resilient is the most op and it’s mostly cause of dodge removal.

Edit: strangely enough on their discord more people seems to say that deceleration is the problem but also removing dodge removal is the answer; although there are also as many people saying removing deceleration would work as well so it’s interesting to see two side of the community have different opinions

I will always find the deceleration moves the most debilitating overall, because it ensures resilients at least two moves worth of damage provided the opponent has no speed resistance. Even fierce suffer from it, their natural counters. Mortem, for instance, is one of the few fierce that can tackle tanky resilients properly because of this.

That said, I’d be up for at least making it just a precise attack. And less common overall… What’s wrong with resilients having rampage every now and then like they used to?