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Reset account from 0 accindentaly


Yearsterday i open the game and i see no dinosaurs no money no value,nothin’…
On discord a guy say me that maybe was a bug and try to unistall/reinstall the game…i did it but not work…
What is that? I spent over 700 chf and my account disappear easly like that?
Im jurassicjoker90 #5026 but now hashtag is change in #5028
How can i bring back my account and my dinos?
I give u screen also


Or you know, you hacked and got reset?


Did you spoof :face_with_monocle:


None,just start game and 0


I mean like previously did you fake your location in order to find dinos


“Just started” and only spent 700 but apparently has enough rex dna to make all its hybrids/hybrids that make others :joy:


Hey Antonio_Ferraro, if your previous game account was connected to either Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center, make sure that you did not sign out of those accounts on your game. Connect back to the correct account and relaunch the game. If you’re still having issues, contact our support team at with your old and new support key and the gamertag from your old game.


Anyway 700 dollar isnt enought to make that t rexx hybrids haha


I did it but nobody answer me


Still issue,i’ve contact the support