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Reset account, loss of progress of my game part


Hello, having sent several e-mails since your support Ludia to the section " to contact Us " (I send documentary evidences of purchase,my key customer services), I still had no newsconcerning my problem:
In the launch of the game, my part reset, I have no more the progress of my game. I might install and reinstall Jurassic World Alive but it did not solve the problem. I’m French, can you help me ?


Hey stephano9! I am very sorry if you are still waiting to hear back from our support team. We are receiving a much larger volume of tickets than anticipated.
Our support team is trying to work as fast as possible to help everyone who needs our assistance.


Can you tell me how long it to set on average to manage my problem?
I hope that it will not last more than a month.

Good luck to your team.
Sorry for my English, I am French.
Thanks for your answer.


My issue is solve by your team support. Thank you !