Reset boosts after each major update?

I think it should be automatic, what do you think about it ?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think if they implement such changes you could choose to get 75% of the boost attached to whatever dinosaurs you want back.

Let’s say you max boost your whole team and were able to reset ALL OF Your boosts each update why would you buy more? Most people wouldn’t. If they let you reset something like 75% you would still need to get boosts and it would allow people some compensation for nerfs.

I agree, simply because it makes sense. We get new hybrids and creatures every update, and having an automatic reset at the beginning of every major update would allow us to reallocate boosts from a creature that’s no longer viable to one that is. It even has uses for people that might want to avoid the arena like I do. Campaign mode eventually starts throwing boosts into the mix, making it more like the arena. If I’m able to relocate my boosts, that’s still able to give me an advantage in another aspect of the game.

What I’d like to see is a rare Stat Reset item that lets you scrap all the boosts off one creature with full refunding. They could be bought with cash and/or easily attainable in rare events, which may come around every month or two.


They nerfed 80% of the top 5 dinosaurs and 50% of the top 20 dinosaurs.
People put the majority of the boost on those creatures.
So of course they should fully refund boost. To do otherwise is unethical on LUDIA’s part.


Nah. 75% is a mistake. There is nothing to stop Ludia from constantly nerfing creatures, and laugh at you as you lose resources. It is not just one or two dinosaurs this time.
They nerfed entire teams this patch.

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Well, it IS Ludia we’re talking about. I wouldn’t call them unethical per se, but they almost never make the smart decisions. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I previously suggested a “capsule” for 500HC the resets 1 dino with no penalty. Only 1 available per.week and you can only have 2 in inventory. Expensive enough to not be used carelessly, limited enough to not be abused


But the name of the game is to buy more boost.

Being unboosted I don’t get all the coins and dna back for my creatures that get nerfed.

I don’t complain or change my team either. I stand by my decisions and use the creatures I’ve invested my time and gas money into.

If you strive to be the best and stay on top then you’ll buy more boost or do the partial refund and go from there.

After all Ludia isn’t talking your trophies, incubators, dna, coins, and all back in exchange so why should they help people who bought boost? Nobody forced anyone to boost. You spend your money how you please. If you don’t want to be upset later then don’t spend now. The grass doesn’t always stay green.

Your assumption is that Ludia nerfing a dino you chose to level to team level has the same effect unboosted as boosted. Unboosted is just coins and DNA. A task that takes weeks to farm and some money spent to speed things up.

Boosts are not as easy to farm since they are mostly bought not farmed. They also are universal meaning removing them from 1 dino weakens it while dropping 1 dino for another keeps the original dino at the same power.

Its also about morale. Ludia didnt balance nerf. So those who bet on the right dino get an unfair advantage. If you didnt allocate your boosts on say Grypholyth then you can wait 3 months to be able to bring it into your team even if its already team.level.

In the ole days, you dropped 1 dino for another due to meta change within 2 to 3 weeks of meta change. Now it could take 1 to 2 updates to change 1 dino. So if Ludia wants to sell boosts it has to make them worth buying and allocating if not they go the way of the dodo.

Or people just don’t buy them and if they do then you know what you’re getting into so no sense in complaining later. Like I said nobody is forcing anyone to buy boost. I’m unboosted and I’m between 5100-5300 trophies. That’s fine with me because I get the highest arena incubator.

I have a team that I like and I stay with it whether they get better or worse through updates. Just like the old days I can swap in/out as I please without being out the money and stress of boost.

No one is forcing players to play the game or even have fun. Doesnt mean Ludia shouldnt do.something about the game being buggy or unenjoyable.

Its easy to say dun buy boosts if you cannot accept that Ludia will change meta. I would agree but it doesnt make it acceptable to have to rebuild your dino every update.

Once again Ludia isnt catering to the middle demographic which could give them more money. The top few can afford to spend to have 10 to 20 maxxed boosted dinos. The rest cannot. Dropping 1 arena because you dun have enough boosts and have to use a nerfed creature for 2 months is not good.

I understand frustration but a nerf isn’t the end of the world especially if you have it boosted. Mine get nerfed and I don’t use boost nor change them out and I still manage. I’m close to 5400 right now.

You keep nerfing dinosaurs this is not fair, you charge twenty dollars a boost and refund ten of it. So many of my dinos are now useless so I had to unboost them now I have no chance to keep up in the arena. I think another free reset is more then justified at this point I use to constantly spend on your game until after boost 2.0 now I feel like I was robbed for my hard earned money that I put into the game… it’s not fair listen to your community I know so many that have stopped playing and paying over this please reset us

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I already made a post about this for the last update. They don’t care about us. We have to live in fear of “what if Ludia nerfs?” And spend our boost according to that

I do not agree at all.

It is true that it is annoying that they nerfeen one of our dinos, although in the latest versions no dino was nerfed enough except the rat to leave the teams … and the rat deserved it as I hope that one day they will do with the infamous Yoshi and Indo2.

That is true, but it is also true that many of us carefully manage our Boost and evolutions. For example I have never created neither the damn rat nor the damned Indo2 and Yoshi. On the other hand, it’s been a long time since I booted my Thor because I know it will soon cease to be a useful dino. I am also saving boosts for when I get to have a useful hybrid of the new ones. All this is costing me a lot of positions in the rankings and in tournaments and if boosts are restarted now it will benefit some, those that evolve the most powerful creatures although they are not unique and spend all their boosts and will harm others, those who we evolved very cautiously and kept some boosts for future creatures.

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I would like a reset on DNA as well. Mammoth, for example, is so hard to get - and I invested way too much in Mammotherium, and now wish I could get it back to build other dinos.

I don’t even care about the boosts anymore. Just let me use my dinosaurs for more than one month.

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Why do you even waste money on boosts? No, why do you even waste money on a virtual game at all, if you could enjoy it just as much for free?


Ludia just doesn’t care