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Reset boosts whenever creatures are rebalanced

I think whenever Ludia rebalances creatures they should at least have the decency to allow boost resets. If not for all creatures, at least for the affected dinos (which have been nerfed or buffed).

Worst thing that can happen is having boosted your dino to hell (say Thor or M_Rhino) then its nerfed and you’re stuck with boosts on a now useless dino.

Hence Its only fare to allow boost reshuffle with every rebalancing. Afterall since the game became boost-centric, many people spend hard cash of these boosts.

I think they should do a boost reset every 5 updates.

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5 updates is too long, esp since they are not systematic.
Imagine one of you best dinos gets nerfed and you’re stuck on a loosing streak for the next how many months until the 5th update?
I remember this happened with Smaxima around 2.0 and there was a war-cry because it was a generally heavily boosted dino and people got stuck. Now a fully boosted Smaxima with 7k health can’t even compete with a moderately boosted M_Rhino (imagine if one all those boost were still locked in until the 5th update?)

I mean, I wouldn’t mind a boost reset every update or every 2-3 updates if there’s creature rebalancing, unless its something like last update, wouldn’t mind a boost reset there

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