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Reset for side quests


I liked the idea of resetting side quests, but if you could NOT double the rune costs. Because I need more one star scales and I can’t progress any further anyway. That would be great instead of playing the waiting game. I’d take advantage of the sale on the two star, but there’s no point since I haven’t gotten enough one stars to power up anyway. Thanks!


This is also why I asked for a variety of different scales on the sales. Would make it easy to be a 1-stop shop.


I’ve not had a shortage in 1* scales. I suppose it is because I don’t use them on hatching


I don’t either, but I also didn’t have a team I really wanted to invest in, so I didn’t do the side quests much tbh. Now I’m short a painful amount to level from 2 to 3 star on my 5 star dragons.