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Reset is now live. Just wanted to say a few words

Top 500 people, if you fight me on your way back up to your former rank, do me a favor and make my end quick and painless.

Any lucky lower level player that just barely managed to get into gyro, I’m sorry if I destroy your team.

It’s a bit annoying for EVERYONE above 5499 to be reset to the same amount of cups, but such is life, and I really can’t think of a better alternative. So uh, good luck everyone.


yep. battles will be a pain now until everything settles in about a week.
Won my first one today in aviary (surprisingly) to get my score. Hope to battle it out later in the week and make it into Library again this season. (Trying to beat last season’s high score of 5072)

Was in reset too with 5497 high score. Will see how this season ends.

Already faced a dropper in upper Aviary with a level 30 team. Oh it is going to be a great experience!:roll_eyes:

I wish they would just stop resetting our trophies every month. Why not let us see how far we can climb? I like it better when all the strongest teams are up high where they belong so I can have the balanced battles I was enjoying for the past few weeks.


although I’m not a fan of the reset, they could at least have reset to the bottom of last arena.
If you were in Nublar shores, you should get reset to 6K etc etc.


That’s not a dropper, it’s someone pushed down the ranks.
Every reset eliminates currency (trophies). When the top dog wins, he takes currency away from the guy below him, who gets dropped down for the loss.

Think of it as a reverse pyramid scheme. The trophies removed from the top players will eventually be taken from the bottom players.

I hit 5k last night just before the reset. Now the fun begins again.


Yes, it will be a pain for a few days having been reset down to 5499 but at least it feels good to be part of the top 500 for just a few hours with only 5522 trophies. I was destroyed by a level 30 squad minutes ago where all dinos were faster than 150…(mine is just lvl 25 btw).

whelp, i’ve played 5 matches today after the reset and i climbed up to Library with a 4 win streak. Still trying to figure that one out. Was really expecting to loose a lot today. Whelp. goal 1 achieved. Start on goal 2 now.

I was reset to 5499 too. Did one battle. Opponent brought out Procerathomimus for their second dino. Opponent went afk as soon as I brought this out, so now I’m once again at the bottom of Gyrosphere.

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As much as that stegod scares me. I’d want to fight it. I like a bit of a challenge.

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I really loved it during boosts 1.0 when I had her at 9058 health! :rofl: I loved to just plop her down whenever the speedsters would come out :stuck_out_tongue:

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If they just logged everyones trophy count at the start of a new season (the system does this anyway to keep track of it) they could then just restore everyones pre-season trophy count to what it was after the season ends, rather than cause all the issues that comes with trying to regain the old place.

Though its actually profitable the way it is now, because its like a “legit” reason to push back the entire player bases progress, keeping them playing longer. Like walking up an escalator thats going down, constantly pushing you back.

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