Reset rating without reseting game


I’ve been trying to get back to arena one so i can have a flow of TREX DNA this is a slow procedure. I’m intentionally losing every battle and it’s getting harder to lose. I’d suggest battle seasons where everyone resets and climbs ranks again.


Yeah, it’s frustrating. I ranked up into Mt. Sino AFTER the win and the incubator I got was for the Ankylosaurus. Wasted time.


I’m in Arena 7 and Level 10. I started getting T-Rex wild spawns much more often at level 9 and 10. Don’t worry about getting it from Arena 1 since you can get it from wild spawns and incubators quite a bit…The problem for me is the Stygimoloch. I’ve never once received it from incubators and I got no DNA from it when I was in Arena 3 either. I know you can receive DNA from arena exclusive dinosaurs because I commonly receive Irritator Gen 2 DNA from incubators, but it is a common, and Stygimoloch is a rare. As I said, I’ve never once received DNA for it, so it seems impossible to get.


I’m gonna vote against this. I may be the unpopular opinion, but I think people shouldn’t be able to go back to lower arenas (neither by resetting nor by losing), at least not with their main team. If you have managed to get to, say, arena 5 with your best dinosaurs, and then you downgrade to arena 2, your presence there will be very unfair to players unless you use dinosaurs of the same average level. As it is right now, to manage that you have to work hard to lose trophies, which can be annoying on its own because your opponent is hoping for a fair fight and you are just letting them win, but at least it takes effort to downgrade so not everyone does it. With a reset button, arena 1 would be filled with epics and legendaries, and new players would run away in despair.

I agree that we should be allowed to play in lower arenas, but only if Ludia implements a way to prevent us from using overleveled dinosaurs. Otherwise, nope.


While I would normally agree, the lower arenas are beginning to fill up with nothing but raptors anyway since the events. It makes losing and staying down easier for those like me who intentionally downgrade, but frustrating if I try to play fairly just to get my few incubators. I can only imagine the discouragement a new player will feel.

It’s at the point where I’m ready to side with those speaking against the raptors. While I still maintain they aren’t OP, something needs to be rebalanced so that people can actually use other dinosaurs rather than feel they need a raptor team just to compete enough to fill their incubator slots.


Oh for the love of… Would you just STOP. HIDING. EVERY. POST. when it has more than a paragraph, Ludia?


I agree, there would have to be some system to prevent that.

One things I forgot to mention in my post above is that when I was in Arena 3, Stygimoloch WAS NOT THERE, it was only added after I was promoted to the higher levels. I need it for the hybrid I want, and it’s really unfair that I didn’t have the chance to get it. :frowning:


I think it is about time for them to add new arenas… and upgrade the rewards for each arena. As of now there is no difference in the number of Epic dna rewards u get between arena 6 and 7 & you only get like less than 20 dnas for epic from the 8 hours incubator.
My suggestion is increase the rewards in higher arenas and add in new arenas for top players so separate us from p2p players