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Reset to PvP ranking

Here a suggestion could you reset each month the PvP ranking so for those that keep climbing we can get back to facing human instead of bot?

Start a ladder system with a reward for which arena you end up in and according the world wide ranking something like that.

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The chest reward system would need a major reimagining. You can’t expect people to want to play the arena when reward slots are already full.

They’d also need to find a different way to match players besides arena rank if everyone were reset each month.

What I meant is a system like magic arena you earn stuff for your victory and a reward at the end of the month depending on the arena level you end up. And when they reset they just set back everyone 2 arena level below
So for this game it could be a reward for arena level 7 end of month to down to 5. You keep playing even if you have 4 chest because the higher you get the better your reward at the end of the month

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Great idea, this and a skip / forefit button in PvP arena.

Hearthstone has a monthly PvP ladder reset with rewards for both participation and higher finishes. I think it’s a reasonable thing for this game too.

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