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Resets are 5+uP1D

One match I’m facing a whale with level 27s speed boosted to almost 50 and the next match I’m against a genuine* player with all level 29-30s Unboosted.

Let the whales fight each other to the ‘top’ with your 25 days of boosts on “sale” and leave me alone so I can battle peacefully please. There’s really no need for your so called reset but to tick off people that aren’t paying to ‘win’.


Look up micro-eggplant in the dictionary and this is what you find:

*you lost b/c you paid for it but still don’t know how to use it :money_mouth_face:


Not a fan of resets either! There’s really no reason they need to exist, IMHO.


Micro-eggplant :rofl::rofl:

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Yeah the reason (well official Ludia reason anyway so take that with a mine of salt) was because if the trophy isn’t reset players could get like 30k trophies and be impossible to catch.

However if they just restored everyones trophy count to what it was when the season started it would avoid all the issues. They wont though, coz that would be smart.

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The reason for the reset is to give everyone an equal start at the begining of each season at the top. This could be achieved better if they only reset to 6k…0


I honestly don’t give a DracoRAT’s behind about catching the whales. All I want is fair battles, which I only get after all the dust settles from these STUPID resets! I finally had to give up and close the app on my second account because I couldn’t even get one win. Of course that was right after leveling the Indoraptor on that account to 26, so since that account’s in Aviary it’s subject to that ridiculous team strength matchmaking which means punishment for leveling your dinosaurs.

They should look at the ELO system for Chess and use that instead.

Perhaps the reset is done to get players at the top a match up?

Although to be honest that doesn’t work either because a top 100 player in our alliance had 9 straight match ups with ai after the reset yesterday!

We need more players who are happy to battle in the arena, and the continuous sale of boosts every single day is destroying it. When will Ludia learn?


I’m aiming for 2022, but am ready for disappointment.


As someone said on another thread, ‘Expect to be disappointed with Ludia, and you’ll never be disappointed’.

I fail to understand how selling unique and legendary dna after 25 days in a row of boost sales is anything but destructive.

This game used to be about getting out there, searching out dinos, collecting dna and building your team. It took me months to get my first unique. Now you could start playing today, and have 3 or 4 uniques after buying 10 unique incubators, all from the comfort of your sofa!


Sounds like something I’d say :slight_smile:

I never open the market unless my 6 hour free incubator is ready. I have no idea what’s on sale, nor do I care. If people with too much money to waste want to do that, I’m not gonna stop them. They don’t bother me, I don’t know if my opponents are f2p or p2w, so I don’t see any reason why this is a problem.
Not saying it’s good what Ludia is doing. Instead they could focus more on the positive aspects of gameplay instead of shiny colors and gambling addiction, but after 1.5 years of not getting through to them, what’s the point anymore…


People who refuse learn from their mistakes tend to double down on their idiocy lol, and we all know how that turns out xD

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Got kicked out of the top 500 and gyro thanks to 6 straight defeats all against OP Maximas

I could not resist the battlefield after the reset and this is what I got.

Anyone else getting the same users more frequently? I’m recognizing a couple of names that I’m defeating all the time, and ones that defeat me pretty much always…

Yes, many times the same opponent and squad, like that 9K Maxima coming back again and again.

So many players are avoiding the arena now.

This leaves less and less players for mm to put those who do play against.

I’ve had ai on both my accounts one at 38** and one at 51** today, and battles against the same player twice on both.

I only battle for my dbi and to help the alliance. Certainly not for the fun, as there simply isn’t any fun to be had when boosts have been sold every day for a month. Perhaps there is for those who bought the boosts, but then they only end up playing ai anyway!


With all the sales going on, I wonder how long till they add crit and armour boosts. They are already in the code, just haven’t been enabled yet.

Full time boost sales was the death knell for the game, but crit and armour boosts would be the cremation.

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Yes, definitely playing this game feels more like gambling everyday. Crit and armour boosts coming in a couple updates max.

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Even I with my positive approach would give up the Arena entirely if that happens. Boosts as is I can live with but boosting crit and armour would be ridiculous.