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Resetting to 3500 has made it impossible to advance


I was riding around 3200 before the reset and now I have to battle 4-5 times just to win an incubator. My team has an average level of 15 but I’m stuck fighting level 18-20 dinosaurs most of the time. Many of them have Indoms and Stegodeus + super hybrids that I can’t even dream of getting through basic play. It’s frustrating and I have even spent around $40 to get coins to level my dinos. I play for hours a day but If I cannot progress past this point I feel it will soon become stale and I don’t even want to imagine what tournaments will be like. I have no proposal to balance this. It is what it is. The nerf to fix cheating actually gave them a huge advantage and now I face opponents that obviously outpower me. Please institute a give up button for battles… at least that much would save me time.


The reset hasn’t happened yet.


Geez… I just obtained this level recently I can’t imagine when it’s flooded with higher tier players… I’m doomed.


I guess I still have a struggle ahead of me. I get to 3500 then just can’t advance bc the difference in strength is ridiculous. I will keep leveling my team though. Maybe I just need more XP. I’m happy to know that it wasn’t the nerf that made me hit a wall. I can’t imagine what cheaters have gathered at this point. It takes me a week just to level a dino.


It is frustrating going up against a more powerful team and I love the quit button idea. I have found certain times of the day/night is better than others. Good luck


Seriously… It would save time… like I give you gotta lvl 19 T-rex and 17 Indom My highest is my V-rap and it cant take a single hit from either please I give lol


Just go down to 3200 again and you’ll win 50% of the time again.


All I have paid for is vip and over 4k rn. Facing youtubers who spend cash is fun :joy:


Many of the players have been pushed down to arena 6 during the first week. I have never seen one legend in 6 before now, but after the tournament started I’ve seen a few.


The reset causes a ripple effect where players with high power teams get pushed down. At some point they collide with players who were previously upwardly mobile. I was up to 2800 but now I’m backsliding.

This reset thing is stupid. They take the trophies away, but these players still have the bigger dinosaurs, so the same players get their trophies back, lower level players remain stagnant or go backwards, and the cycle continues with the next reset. :neutral_face:


They need to continue to add new arenas so they can reset to a higher trophy count. Clash royale did this.


They need more lower arena’s. 3000, 3500 etc. 3500 is a dead zone. :joy:


I was always circling around 3500 before the reset and I still am around there but I do feel the fights seem a lot tougher but as I said I am roughly around the same level so I could be wrong


Aftermath, I have fought my way to around 3800. It’s not even a 50/50 fight anymore but with a decent dino pick and some luck I continue to rise (slowly). It still sucks to get beat downs from players waaay outta your level range but it seems things are starting to settle down a bit.


Happens to everyone… Understand how frustrating it is, but you just have to keep on trying to improve your team. When the tournament started, I was at 3510 trophies and got reset to 3500. First week was nightmarish… Kept on losing to teams consisting exclusively of legendaries and went down to 3100. Meanwhile, I focused heavily on Strike Events and nighttime hunting and managed to obtain 3 legendaries, I-Rex, Tragodistis and Stegodeus, as well as to level up my Gorgosuchus and Stegoceratops to acceptable levels. I am now back up to 3808 trophies. I know I will be struggling between 3700 and 3900 trophies for quite some time and will never get to 4000, until I manage to fuse a couple more legendaries or uniques, but I don’t really care, because part of the fun is collecting DNA and strengthening your team…