Resilience - a problem?

I’ll share the answer to spare the trouble of wondering: YES. Resilient moves BOTH negate speed AND hit trough dodge NOT TO MENTION clearing distraction.

We have 226 creatures in the game. 50 of them have the resilient strike, 12 of them have resilient impact, 8 of them have resilient rampage. Looking at the new Gamepress tier list, only 3 of 9 tyrants don’t have a resilient move

I’m fine with maybe 20% of the above creatures having resilient moves. 1 out of 4 creatures with a resilient move is way too much. Speedy creatures, dodging creatures and distracting creatures don’t have a chance. It makes the PvP arena and tournaments plain boring at the moment. To succeed you just must have the ’resilients’, and it means everyone has them, and it means there are only the same dinos facing each other.

What to do: Split resilience to speed reduction moves, distraction clearance moves and dodge negating moves for 80% of the current ’resilients’. It would be a start to bring new hope to the speedy, the dodging and the cunning.


Totaly Agree!

A good reason why dinos don’t find the arena.

Yeah, more creatures should have Superiority Strike, Superior Vulnerability, and Long Decelerating Strike, and fewer should have Resilient Strike

Alternatively, more Fierce creatures should be resistant or immune to Deceleration (or Fierce moves should cleanse Deceleration)


I also want to propose that resilients stop receiving all the attention.

Resilients can stun, lockdown, pierce armor w/ swap in strikes, cause vulnerability, throw up shields, remove dodge, remove distract, slow down… What can cunnings and fierce do? Cunnings can dodge, distract, remove crit, remove bleed. Fierce can break shields, buff attack, remove vulnerability.

Of course there are exceptions, but the truth of it is resilients have been getting all the attention in development, and the other two classes are losing out because of it.

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i think there needs to be a separation between resilient, superiority moves, and normal slowing movs. right now Resil is the better version of superiority and superiority to normal slowing moves.

break up what each can do and is allowed to do, and i think you can have a much more diverse set of abilities and play styles for each class of resil creature.

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What if Resilient was the move that removes speed up and dodge, superiority removed distraction, and normal decelerating moves (I.e. Decelerating, Long Decelerating, but not SDS) slowed extra, say Decelerate by 75% instead of the normal 50%? I’m fine with Superiority and normal being precise though.

I would split them into three kinds of move. Decelerating attacks only decelerate, but can slow for multiple turns. Resilient attacks and superiority attacks would be combined into the new resilient attacks, which would cleanse distraction, slow for 1 turn, remove speed increase, and are precise. But they would not remove dodge entirely. The third type of move would decelerate and remove dodge entirely, but it would not cleanse distraction. This third type would be relatively more rare than the others. This makes it harder to counter every cunning option at once.


Honestly this should be a Fierce trait, since it emphasizes damage. Obviously that would be an issue for the Turtles and whatnot since their kit is built around Vulnerability + Devastation, but I’m sure they could get something else.

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