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Resilience is over saturated and needs to be nerfed

In the recent update wide variety of resilient creatures got nerfed in terms of health. I can see why, but the main problem isn’t them, it’s the attacks they posses. I understand they’re designed to counterattack cunning creatures, however every single one them has resilience strike or some other resilient attack. Not to mention that they’re everywhere. These reasons are the main reason that the vast majority of cunning creatures that utilize either evasion or distraction are pretty much useless in today’s meta. In my opinion, resilience strike, impact, or rampage should be utilized by a handful of creatures, therefore cunning creatures would perform much better. Also, why the hell are attacks such as shielded decelerating strike, superiority strike, and devastation precise? One, it makes no sense, and two, is Ludia deliberately making evasion useless? There needs to be a happy medium where all classes can perform well in the meta. Because as of right now everything can pretty much counter both evasion and distraction


The problem isn’t the resilient moves, it’s the lack of pure fierce creatures. Both in number and in quality. We need more good fierce creatures in all rarities, there’s currently a huge number of resilient creatures in the game and way less cunning and even less fierce. Most good fierce creatures are also resilient, we need more that are only fierce(bleeders, renders, shatterers). If there was a close to equal number of relevant creatures on each class we wouldn’t be having this balance problem.


The problem isn’t resilient shuts down cunning… it’s literally it’s counter class.

The issue is fierce doesn’t counter resilience as well as resilience counters cunning.

If we had a diverse meta with a good proportion of fierce Dino’s evasive and distraction would be valuable instead of a liability.

If you run a mostly cunning team good resilient Dino’s will punish you.

If you run a mostly fierce team good cunning Dino’s will punish you.

If you run a mostly resilient team your still gonna have more good match ups then not because fierce/resilient works better then most pure fierce.

Thor becoming viable next patch will help with this.


It’s a shame that Thor won’t be that useful in raids anymore…

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why do you say that?

I do agree that blanket stat changes often don’t address the core problems. But can you really say that ALL resilients are too strong? Or did you want to name specific cases? Cause unless you can name specific resilient dinos that are too strong, Ludia is just going to do stuff like nerfing resilient HP across the board. And did Apatosaurus and Ankylosaurus G2 really need nerfs? Most of them honestly feel fine, or even underpowered. It just so happens that most of the endgame level resilients are very good, but this isn’t the case in lower rarities and arenas.

As for resilient strike countering dodge:

  1. Dodge is a cunning ability. If anything is going to remove dodge, it should be a move used by the counters of cunning, the resilients.
  2. Fierce/defense shattering moves are also common, but no one says that shields are useless, because we’re used to it.
  3. If anything, resilient dodge removal should simply be less common. I’ve outlined a possible way they could implement this here.
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See I’m ok with resilient having dodge removal… again it’s what their supposed to be countering.

The real question is why bring a pure cunning or fierce Dino… when you can bring a cunning and fierce Dino that can distract, rampage through shields and armor and remove dodge.

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That’s a good point. The only thing I can think of is if you want a dino thats overwhelmingly good in one area. Like if you need distraction, distraction, and more distraction, go Spyx. But most hybrid classes usually have enough options of each type to suffice, making them the more versitile (and often better) choices.

That’s very true, but then shouldn’t most fierce creatures be immune to stuns? They are, after all, a resilient move. Yet very few fierce creatures are immune to stuns.

This is where the whole thing falls apart - cunnings are perfectly countered, yet resilients are not. Resilients have a wide range of abilities - swap in damage that pierces armor, stunning which enables an extra turn when successful, the shields, the armor, the vulnerability moves… Cunning and fierce dinos have barely anything to go by in comparison.

The two other groups need more focus - more differences, more abilities that actually work and aren’t just “dodge+distraction” because those are countered perfectly by resilient moves. Fierce could do with something else other than “big chompy attack” or “cleanse the distraction meant to counter them”.


Yeah this one seems backwards to me.

At least some fierce have ferocity and/or bleed. Interestingly enough, I think swap prevention may also be a fierce exclusive ability, since all of the dinos that have it are fierce or have fierce ancestry. But it isn’t especially effective against Resilients, and swap prevention resistance is all over the place.

Because Thoradolosaur has Rampage back, but they really really didn’t think this through as they put it on delay. So now you can’t open in Raids with a group attack. Thanks… a lot.

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Yeah , fierce dinos should be the class with more stun resistance not the other way around

Yeah, because of that @The_Dinosaur_Guy_fro