Resilient creatrues should not have swap prevention resistances

I’ve never understood why a fair bunch of resilient creatures have this. Most of the creatures that have pinning abilities are fierce creatures, more specifically crocodilians and bleeders, things which are supposed to counter resilient. The fact that some resilient creatures are completely able to swap out or able to swap out most of the time whilst under the effect of DoT against a no escape bleeder or a render with no escape just seems to negate the whole point of the swap prevention abilities.

What’s more, the majority of creatrues with this resistance seem to be sauropods, the Dino’s with the highest health in the game, the creatures that renders and bleeders are supposed to be a hard counter for (though bleeders fall flat for other reasons)

I’m not sure if this is a popular opinion or if many of you would agree with me, but if you could provide a solid reason for why a tank like Gemi should have complete swap resistance I would be happy to change my opinion


Gemini has DNA from all 3 classes, so it can have just about anything. The other resilients really don’t have an excuse though.
Ludia often gives creatures resistances to the debuffs that their own class uses, presumably to make same-class matchups more neutral, so Fierce creatures having the resistance sort of makes sense, at least for Ludia.


True but I don’t think resilient fierce like Gemi and Maxima should be 100% immune to swap prevention


I always found it hilarious that they created swap prevention moves to counter swapping strategies, then they gave every dino with a swapping move swap prevention resistance :joy: I don’t feel like swap prevention is unbalanced right now though.


Maybe not a resilient but Rat seems to be even worse than resilients. He has Cleansing Impact for a reason. Now this filthy rodent can escape whenever he wants to, while swap preventing creatures should be his counters


Although cleansing impact does nothing against no escape, I see what you mean. Much more amusingly, draco can acute stun a faster no escape user and leave whenever it wants to. I personally find swap prevention to be one of the strongest things in the entire game, so I can understand certain creatures (immune users like magna and erlidom, wildcards like gemini, etc) should have resistance or immunity. If you think about it as a snare though, abilities like no escape should really be best used as a way to lock down and pin/trap swap abusers like Phoru (and I hate saying that because that bird is a gem) draco and rhino. The question is: does ludia see swap prevention as a counter to swappers or as a cleanup mechanism that can be used across the board against the “general crowd” of creatures?


Magna can be swap prevented. Believe it’s got a resistance of 75% so odds are it’ll still resist but there is that chance it gets swap prevented

I always thought the bigger, bulkier creatures were less mobile, so they should have lower swap out resistances.