Resilient legendaries buff

At the moment none of them are good taking the fact that they are legendaries they have little to no resistances and are over all not worth it you are better skipping them and go straight to a unique
Tragodistis, paramoloc and bajadonoton are pretty much raid creatures, the 3 nodopatosaurus hybrids are weird gigaspika and stegodeus have no resistances at all and nodopatotitan just feels to week, dsungaia just sucks just like megalosuchus
The only ones left are alankylosaurus, pteraquetzal and carbotocertops because mamotherium seems to only exist to create mamolania same with rajakylosaurus I mean 3 shield abilities put of which 2 deal no damage
Entelochops, rixis and brontolasmus are just better

Wait…You ask to buff the strongest legendaries?
-Mammotherium,a must in legendaries tourneys
-Megalosuchus:Someone from top 150 play it,maybe a really slight nerf.
-Stegodeus:I own it,i play at 6k trophy
-Nodopatotitan: Seem same as stegodeus,compensate lower attack by resistances and more sustain.
-Rajakylosaurus:One of a must for low lvl in raids.

If you talk about rixis:don’t take something which will be nerf because OP as exemple.
-Brontolasmus:Need to be buff because too weak. (

The only on i don’t have an opinion is dsungaia:it is pve creature and i have no opinions about it.

they play it cause it’s there favorite. not because it’s good.


and its quite normal to see legendaries worst than uniques.
It is actually not so bad for its rarity.and i didn’t meant nerf,but a buff.

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i agree. meg needs a buff.


Yeah mamotherium was a reach but all the others don’t really feel stronger to the epic ones but come on saying magalosuchus it’s good when it sucks ain’t it

Stats are fine for most of them but the lack of resistances it’s what I don’t understand they don’t need immunity just be partially
mega and dsungaia need buffs and rajakylosaurus an offensive ability instead of two priority shields

Agree about resistance.
Every creature of the game should at least have 1 resistance.
Rajakylosaurus is not design for pvp,and i am sure the people i know which play it as a shield spammer don’t want to see a kit change since it is actually the best legendary to beat any resilient or cunnings raid bosses (saw one lvl 16 helping us truly in the smilonemys raid with it)
Dsungaia : I can’t have an opinion about it since i don’t play/face it.But clearly i think the last nerf was unecessary.
Megalosuchus : Probably speed increase and a little something else

Megalosuchus needs to ditch GFS for FS, or GFS needs a buff. That’s all it needs. Not really that good

megalosuchus is horrible, all the kapro family have been nerfed and I think this is how it should be

It is a combination of fierce and resilient, mostly fierce so most of its moves are fierce based but its stats are resilient. It should have swap in definite strike due the fact that kapro used to have it which was why everyone used it.


Ya no, that much offense off of 1300 attack with ferocious and 100% distract res and 4500 HP is broken

the 100% distract resisit is cuz of megalosaurus 100% distract resist but i get 1,000 attack will do good.

With a shattering counter, lots of bulk, ferocious, and lots of fierce not to mention cleanse?

I love it :heart_eyes:
But it’s broken lol

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download (37)

Stegod is not horrible but It could use a buff

I think this is fine, not op but not underpower

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Everyone keeps doing complete reworks of Meg.
I would be fine if they just gave her 200-400 more HP.
No need to put in crazy amounts of work, Ludia. I’m not difficult to please :grimacing:


What do you think meg needs more? HP or attack?

She could use both, but if it was between one or the other, I’d go health.


I would love to make it broken, it should be with those componenets of gorog and megalo

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