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Resilient Moves might be more broken

Then can set up truly broken combos now. They can make revenge killing easier, cera’s combo even more hellish, and make hadros deal 4500 at BASE level.

I’d say this is 100% still a problem, but arguably moreso.


Yeah lux might be an issue, I think the only creature that might beat it 1 v 1 with no help will probably be Testa(dear). But will have to do more testing once the update is released on Tuesday there should be more just cant think of them at the moment.
Skoona is terrifying now having a instant impact.
Magnus issue didn’t get solved it can still outspeed every creature in the game except a speed boosted scorp after camo.
The fierce class might aswell be named the bleeders class because they are the only good fierce creatures now.
Also was talking to some friends and we think that nitro dinos are going to become more popular.

But my main creature got buffs so that’s a positive for me, not for others because Poukan players are a near extinct breed :joy: I think the only other one is @Delta

Spincon got the best buff out of all the creatures in my opinion @Snake_Dude justice has been served :joy:

Also the new flocks seem like fun additions to the game and will always take a new Eagle hybrid. As long as these dam new creatures aren’t event exclusives I will be happy.

This is extra but that parasauthops rumour, if it does use lux and acrocanthops its going to be strong which gets my hyped for future updates (but this is all speculation) might not even use para lux or acrocanthops to create it because of the lux buff

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yo i can beat her too, but I feel like SIAs will eat me before i finish her

Do you think that the changes were meant for both resilient and supirioty strike

Possibly :joy: can’t test them yet :pensive:
But testa looks the best counter because its immune to vulnerability and has 45% armour with devastation and a counter heal.