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Resilient moves need a nerf

Resilience is very OP in my opinion. Everything has it, and cloak/evasive is now useless. They gave Erlidom a revenge cloak, and i haven’t been able to use in once.

Imo resilient moves should go through dodge but not remove it completely.

Nearly everything in the current meta that people are using at the Beach has a move that can remove dodge. Erlidom was always my favorite unique and it’s upsetting to see it be rendered so useless.




I was totally against the removal of full immunity before…but eh. They did it anyways and I like it.


Even though they ruined the unique that you named yourself after?


Just out of curiosity, what is it about the resistance system that you dislike?

And as for resilient moves, they haven’t been done right, I agree. The effects or the distribution need to change.


It just doesn’t feel right. I rather have the creature with Immunity back

Well, I can’t argue with that.
If Ludia decides to stick with their decision, who knows? Maybe one day you’ll learn to like it.

But the changes are definitely a bit jarring.

I get the frustration. I do not agree though completely. Erli now has a place to be used, and a place when used makes him unable to use his best move. That does not seem unfair. His speed up and rampage attack are still pretty good, you just can’t use Erli against something with a resilient move and try the revenge cloak. I am still successfully playing with Erli on my team, and it adds a layer of thinking to know when to play it or not, which for me is never the first dino I play. But I do think many of the dinos that use evade and dodge should get a bump in stats because many of them are useless against resilience…not just at a disadvantage…actually useless.


I agree that too many creatures got resilient abilities.

BUT I think it (alongside cunning/fierce abilities and resistances) restores a lot of balance to the arena by leaning into the excellent rock/paper/scissors dynamic that dominated PvP before boosts artificially destroyed it.

Bleed is clearly supposed to counter resilience, but Ludia nerfed too many bleeders while trying to balance them for raids.


Leave Resilient alone. I suggest buff dodgers instead. Most of them should just keep decel immunity


But aren’t resilient moves supposed to counter Dodgers?

But atleast give dodgers a speed resistance like 80% so they can be decel a 10% from 1 attack, also rember that a other moves now can go through dodge like superiority strike and vulnerability, and those moves also cleanse distraction and decel

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Resilient is fine to counter dodgers the same way defense shattering and bleed destroys tanks and armored dinos, or how cunning, distraction and dodge laugh in the face of defense/armor piercers.

The only problem is that there to many, just cut down on resilient a bit, returning the other slowing moves to normal non precise and there no problem resilient is meant to counter dodgers that’s the point


They would still. Dodgers would just get 1 more attack (most of time)

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But that would make every slowing move useless… which was slow was made to counter, speedsters

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The best way to nerf resilient moves it is to take away speed debuff or the cleanse distraction effect

It would make more sense to just remove the Deceleration from Resilient moves then. Otherwise you’re undermining other Decelerating moves.

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Dodgers were unslowable for a very long time, why can’t they be again? Ofc I’m not talking about Indoraptors, rather about Erlidom and Ornithomimosaurids

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Cause they just trumped all other speedsters, ornitos could dodge for days then just run whenever they felt threatened, and erlidom and spxs could just speed buff till the cows come how and it was worse with erlidom since it could also dodge and run and was fully immune. If we did make them immune to slow then they would need another way to keep them In check. Erlidominus would need to be vulnerable to distraction or maybe stun; with the ornithos following the same route. Remember they also got buff so they need a hard counter if slow doesn’t workm