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Resilient moves -speed reduction

With 2.0 the resilient moves have unbalanced the game like nothing before. We have overpowered arena bosses and petty minions worth nothing. Speed reduction of resilient moves is probably the root cause. To give the minions a bit of a chance resilient moves could for instance reduce speed by 10-15% max. Would it make sense?

No, I think it would be better if they would still reduce speed by 50%, but they wouldn’t remove the speed increase. For example Erlidominus could get WAAAY better, because it would keep the speedup.


We always said decel counters would break the game.
In order to expedite battles, I also think they need to allow counter attacks to counter attack any other counter attacks until death. I’d enjoy that.


If I’m not mistaken erlidom is immune to decel right?

Only 50% now.

Ahh probs thought that cause indominus

2.0 is a lot more balanced than whole immune meta was.


I don’t think the speed reduction is the problem. Resilient attacks removing dodge effects rather than being piercing is the problem (and even then I wish they didn’t touch dodge).

I think resilient strike should be like the original superiority strike with a 33% speed reduction. This way, something like erlidom with a 50% resistance to decel stays at 108, allowing a speedtie with trykosaurus, maxima, and dio. This could also set it apat from just being a better superiority strike, as now you have to choose (although the choice is still pretty obvious)

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This is a great idea.

But Erlidom itself should just get decel immunity back

Well, we have a disagreement there.

I agree, or share the deer’s 75% resistance, and with these changes, erlidom would be much better

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No, i don’t think that’s the problem of resilient moves. The main issues i see with them are that they remove the dodge effect instead of just hitting through It and that too many creatures have them. I think making them only precise and reducing the number of creatures with those moves would probably be enough to make cunning creatures equaly relevant. Another thing would be removing the precise effect of other slowing moves, that was an unnecessary change. If only resilient moves are precise than It isn’t a problem for dodgers

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I agree with Isaiah on pretty much all of those accounts. Making moves like SS, SDS, and SV precise is just not necessary, especially for shielding decelerating.

I also believe Resilient moves should be precise instead of raking, as that would definitely give speedsters a much better chance to do…anything at all.

Making them like the old SS, where they reduce speed by 33% instead of 50% also makes sense seeing as they’re a basic move. The cooldown moves like SI, DI and the thags should reduce by 50%.