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Resilient Questionnaire

I know, I was referring to the same ones. In fact, Dio should rightfully be included in that group, as it has the same animations. While they have armor piercing and ferocious abilities, where is the rule that only fierce creatures can have these moves? Where does it say that they are SUPPOSED to be countering resilients? If Ludia gave them resilient attacks, they clearly meant for them to be resilient. That said, I do think they could be a good candidate for losing resilient moves in favor of something like superiority strike instead, since they do seem to be more of a mixed class than most right now. But they aren’t breaking any “rules” by being resilient now.

It’s the opposite of cautious strike. It removes everything cautious strike does. It’s far too common however

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Not really surprised by the results here. Seems we all observe that Rock, Paper, Scissors currently the arena is not.

More like Meteor, Wet Paper, Dull Scissors :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know it’s the opposite, but it is like CS as in it has a ton of things. I said it was different, opposite is different :slight_smile:

I know. I was stating the way it was different. I get that its like CS, but its the opposite of it. It removes everything CS does, and unlike CS which is only on Indo gen 2, Resilient moves are on around half the creatures, if not more.

I think superiority Strike/Impact And shielded decel Strike should lose their precise. They don’t need it and it’s just killing dodgers. Resilience moves should become precise instead of definite.


exactly, if resilient was precise matches would be more balanced, for example, things such as indom won’t get beat by things like Stegodeus.

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Honestly, the main problem with resilient is that its everywhere. If it was more like CS, that is only on a few dinos, this meta wouldn’t be nearly as bad. Im fine with resilient, if it does change that will be good, but I think the main problem is that too many creatures recieved it when it should have only gone on maybe 5 creatures at most.


As I said in another thread, either make it not bypass dogde and cloak, or remove it completely and replace it with superiority strike, what was wrong with that?? There were already enough precise moves, why add more and to literally every single creature??


When your only Ardentismaxima counter creature is stygidaryx I think I’m doing ok