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Resilients technically are getting buffed

I understand that Ludia is trying to listen to the community, but from what I’ve gathered from recent posts, something went wrong.

So resilient moves are replacing speed reduction with vulnerability, and yes it limits their control over battles to an extent, but at the same time grants them a massive indirect damage buff.

Now this is interesting. The very thing meant to be nerfed has gotten buffed. I know fierce moves will make more sense now, but @Spaceweaver has made very strong points.

Hadros Lux will be dealing 100% more damage assuming it stacks its counter with Resilient Strike and goes first afterward. Add that to one of its rampages, and it does 400% of its base strike!

Ok, maybe the conditions need to be just right for that, and they do to a much lesser extent for the obvious topic: Ceramagnus.

This change barely nerfs Cera because that’s not what people use it for. It swaps in, lands a stun, gets priority damage, and then hits like a bullet train. I’ve rarely ever seen a Ceramagnus use its Resilient Strike, but now people will be encouraged to use it. A bullet train? No. The whole station.

Diorajasaur’s only damage moves will have vulnerability now, and coupled with the stacking potential and an anti-armor-and-dodge counter, we could be seeing a lot more of it now.

Skoonasaurus can now use vulnerability with a priority impact. Since this is also a group attack, CompyC better figure something out.

Tryko has been there since the very first version of the game and people still use it. I think there’s gonna be a lot more reason to invest in this veteran chomper. Vulnerability on top of DSR. What could go wrong?

Tenontorex is gonna get hurt by this, even more so the people who invested boosts in it. With no way of slowing opponents, its gonna get ceased turn 2 or potentially turn 1. The only way to save it is to pump it with speed, but I don’t think that’s gonna be enough. R.I.P. Tenrex.

Entelolania is something most people might not consider. With its new found vulnerability effect, its base damage output comes in at 6300. Not to mention it has PFS to buff its actual damage stat and deal 9450. Just my opinion, but I think more people will begin using it.

That same thing goes for Testacornibus as well. It may not be able to buff its attack stat, but it stacks vulnerability instead. Its base damage output now becomes 6000.

Mammolania appears to follow Entel’s attack buff idea, but it simply does not have Devastation. However, it does have more armor (albeit only 5% higher) and I see potential in this creature.

This next one might seem unimportant, but Para Lux is getting a serious buff. But this one is reasonable. It was the first non-hybrid Legendary, and was quite underwhelming upon release. Now I feel like it lives up to its title. Pump damage into it and it can take a beating with its new counter.

Sorry for the long read. I had a lot of things on my mind. Let me know if I missed any points, and thanks for coming.


Not really. Because most things that are going faster hit you with a distract, and now they are hitting you with a rampage.

The ones that got the boost are the resilient counters.
You hit Hadros Lux first, and it is hitting you for something along the lines of 3.5 times its base attack.
On the other hand, the ones that relied on speed control, like Tenontorex are splat.


In aviary, nitro thors are a big problem. With resilient creatures now not being able to slow them, e.g tryko and tenon, these things will wreck havoc in pvp. Not to mention thor is getting more damage in 2.9. However it’s not just thor that will lead to the demise of creatures like tenon and tryko, as they cannot slow anymore it is likely they will be knocked out within 2 turns. Opponent attacks, tryko attacks, opponent attacks and tryko is gone.

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I personally think Cera and Skoona will be the most affected here.

imagine 60% draco swap in after a resilient setup…
4k magnus swap in as well

I knew speed pumping my Thor was a good idea.

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Whether it’s a buff or a nerf, neither are good. Most resilients didn’t need a nerf, so any nerfs given to the vast majority of them would be unwarranted. And for stuff like Hadros, Magnus, etc… well, they certainly didn’t need a buff. It’s a lose lose.

We need a change that doesn’t unnessicarily change resilients who don’t need it, and nerfs resilients who actually need it in specific, targeted ways. General changes like this one seem to just mess everything up.

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They could at least give us a boost shuffle.