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Resilient's true purpose

resilient is a very wide spread move in the current version, it is meant to counter cunning moves, however to me it seems it true intention, is to beat cautious strike. we all know how op indogen2 was because of cautious strike, but look at resilient moves and what that move does.

resilient gets rid of cloak, cautious strike cloaks. resilient nullifies speed increase, cautious increases speed. resilient cleanses distraction, cautious distracts.

To me its to obvious, resilient is meant to fully counter cautious strike, if there gonna do something like this, there needs to be less creatures with resilient if there is only one, non-meta creature that has cautious strike.

There is are easy ways to fix stuff like this:

  1. Nerf cautions strike so it doesn’t counter fierce as much as resilient counters cunning. We already have cunning moves that do a good job against fierce without making fierce useless so that way ludia cant be like: well you guys need that to counter cautious strike.

  2. Just make the move precise instead of nullifying that way they can counter cunning but cunning can at least still hold it own in some way against say slowing, stunning or just regular attacks. So resilient become the way to just be sure they can hit those cunning creatures with full force.

  3. Make resilient only a strike so no impacts or rampages just strike that way to counter cunning creature, resilient has to go for its least damaging move.


I 100% percent agree with this, resilient strike should not get rid of cloaking moves so that indominus rex isn’t losing to something like stegodeus.

Just swap superiority strike with resilient strike or remove resilient strike in favor of SS

Like i get people don’t like it being so common but then why not complain about Every cunning creature having cunning or distraction or both why not complain that every fierce creatures has fierce, armor piercing or defense shattering or all three its just cause its the move that meant to counter that class so over course resilient has to be wide spread. The problem i see is that ludia didn’t remove other moves that then serve no point like shielded decel, decel, superiority, long decel, (i mean the strikes btw) especially that ludia made them also precise

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The first one yes; second one no cause then we just return back to dodge city. Sure that also what I’m saying do with resilent but resilient also has more multiplayer variations so it better for that to go and resilient to stay plus that was the point of introduce resilient to make it the counter to cunning the same way SS was for distraction.

The thing is that ludia doesn’t go all the way with these things, if they wanted cunning to be the counter to fierce why leave distraction moves? Like the could just make cunning’s distraction last two turns (4 attacks) and just make every distractor now a cunning creature and just make cunning the moves they all have.

The same with fierce why keep defense shattering and armor piercing when fierce is better or does the EXACT SAME THING so why just give all shatterers fierce?

Same with resilent why keep superiority, decel or slowing moves just make veration for example resilent rampage slows for two or three turns.

They say they want to move to a new future but they keep the game in the past along with sadly some of the player base that doesn’t want change and that’s why 2.0 failed they wanted to change everything but they did it all only half way.

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Easy man

Bruh moment

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Exact but ludia just can’t seem to follow there own plans or rules.

should BYPASS evasive habilities… not REMOVE evasive habilities

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It does seem resilient was meant to deliberatly counter cautious strike.

Let’s look at a few facts:

  1. There should be a way to remove dodge.
  2. As the counters for cunning, resilients should have an option to remove dodge.
  3. ALL cunnings are currently doing poorly, even those without dodge.

With all this in mind, I think that resilient strikes should remain unchanged in how they work. Resilients need to have the ability to remove dodge to fulfill their role (otherwise the best counters to dodgers would be nullifying creatures i.e. other cunnings, and nullify is rare as it is now). Furthermore, resisilients tend to dominate cunnings even without dodge removal being a factor, so the dodge removal alone cannot be the reason they are so strong right now. I do, however, feel that resilient attacks could be much more rare, since dodges themselves are fairly rare, with more current “resilient” dinos using superiority strike instead.

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It literally decelerates, removes speed icrease, as well as evasive which is all that cautious strike does. The only thing to prove that it counters cunning is that it cleanses distraction but cautious strike also distracts. don’t even think it cleanse critcal decrease

The thing is that most cunning creatures that use dodge aren’t traditonal cunnings, but anti-speedster/tank speedsters which is why dodge removal stands to be the biggest offender

Erlidom, monomimus, prorat, orntio, gali, smilodon, cehphalo, nemys would like a word lol

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What @Thylo_75 said. It is a cunning ability.

And I don’t see how this is an argument about this point specifically. Nullify will always be a thing, so unless resilients have some way to remove dodge, the best counters to dodgers will be themselves. Which is exactly what we had when Indo G2 and Yoshi were dominant. In order for Ludias desired rock-paper-scissors system to work, when I see a dodger, my ideal move should be to bring out a resilient, not another cunning.

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There are exceptions, which is why resilient would ideally only be precise

Also, nullify has not specified as belonging to any one class, it’s just most often on cunnings because it fits their role as anti-ferocious. The other null users are tailored to take down dodgers/self buffers I.e. Thylo, Indo2, MLion, Smilo

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The only exceptions I can think of are Indominus Rex and it’s Gen 2, and even they have some cunning ancestry from Velociraptor and Echo. And removal vs precise isn’t ideal. It barely changes anything in arena where it matters most, but it changes a LOT for raids (if the boss dodges and your teammates don’t have precise moves, you lose a lot of damage).

It’s true that nullify does not belong to one class, but looking at the nullify users only Pteraquetzel and Suchotator are not at least partially cunning (and potentially Tany and Orion, though those are immune to distraction and are best countered by deceleration, so they have a lot in common with cunnings themselves). So I think my point stands that for the most part, cunnings would be the best counters for other dodgers.

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The thing is that with this game, every class has outliers, and MOST (At least 50%) of the dodge users in this game don’t function like traditional cunnings (fast, high damage, emphasis on distraction vs dodge and nullify)

Yes, resilients should have some way to counter them, but they should focus the most on traditional cunnings

The thing is that these are the posters for anti-speedster speedster, focusing best on high damage and nullify as well as not falling prey to cunning’s antics. They are best counter by tanks but also basic chompers