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Resistance an alternate to immunity

I was think about this and it would help balance out the immune meta that were in since it be the in between ground between no immunity and being immune.

Resistance to DoT; applied to epic,legendary, or unique hybrids: does not negate damage over time but rather reduces it effects by half ex: DoT of .33 becomes .16,

Resistance to stuns; applies to epic,legendary and unique hybrids; stuns chance to land is reduced by 40% ex: 75% chance to stun becomes 35% chance

Resistance to distraction: applies to epic, legendary, unique; distraction affect is reduced by half: ex: 50% distraction becomes 25% distraction; 75% becomes 37%

Resitance to Slow: applies to epic, legendary, and unique hybrids; speed reduction is reduced by 33% ; ex: 50% speed reduction becomes 17%

Would this concept be good and replace immunity on some dinos?

  • Yes
  • No

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I like the concept.
Personally feel very few dinos should have complete immunity. Indom and magna for example.


i love the idea,truly original.
I think it should be add to the game but in the same time,not to replace immunity.
Immunity is a must have,but ludia need to create creatures which have a buff against immune creature so immunes creature have a “disadvantage”
But i love you idea and i think it should be add


Resistance to stuns :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That 35% will magically be 100% stunning 99% of times. And that is known by 18% of the people.


Thxs I think this should be added instead of giving everything an immunity

Lol but yes immunity should stay the full version anyway

Indom and manga I think are balance immunes; maxima, Gemini, proRAT, indo, and ardont aren’t

Resistance to stuns would be a tricky concept. I think I’d prefer the stun chance to stay the same, but every second stun is blocked. That’ll only help against critters that’ll stun you twice in a row, like Paramoloch. But I prefer predictability over funky RNG stuff

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Hmmm like say first stun deflected or something and full effect on the second

Yeah. Or stun resistance can replace stuns with a “staggered” condition. Maybe the creature still acts normally that round, and then the next round is skipped? Not sure what that would do, but I expect it would make things easier to plan for the one resisting

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Ya I think you have a pint especially it be annoying that that first turn that stunner get that 35% cause Ludias systems are so fair

But do you mean that stun a work one round or turn

I liked your Idea. But after reading this ↑↑↑, it’s a no from me. Not any Dino should loose it’s immunity exept maybe Gemini but that’s also debatable.

Resistance to Stun is not good thing. It’s not like other negative effects. It can’t be negated. For that you need a passive ability. 40%, 75%, 35%, no matter what percentage, there’s still a chance and it can’t be avoided by any moves.

Lol ok now I can see how this mid leading what I mean was to dinos with partial immunity such as phora, indo, diplo, moloch,para, also yes Gemini and maybe maxima are questionable.

As for the stuns ya I might remove that but I’ll see if anyone else can come up with anything by tomorrow cause ya the more I’ve been told the more I can see how it’s just super flawed.

So ya just to clearify

I meant about full Immunity Dinos not partials.

How so?

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I mean the thing is if people want it’s definite back right it has to have either of two things, one it’s attack lowered to or around 1,000-1,100 or they remove its immunity and it get its move back no nerfs to its stats needed

Lol ya know thats why I wanted to clarify