Resistances inconsistency

  • Stun
  • Swap Prevention
  • Taunt
  • Reduce Speed
  • Reduced Damage
  • Crit Reduction
  • Vulnerable
  • Rend
  • Damage Over Time

Those are the 9 resistances we have in game, and each one of them is class defining.

But let’s take the most obvious examples:

I guess most of you are aware that swap prevention is an exclusive ability to fierce creatures with minor exceptions like with Compsognathus. So I would expect that all or at least the majority of resilient creatures don’t have the swap prevention resistance. Well, here is a full list of all resilient creatures that has the swap prevention resistance:

  1. 100%
  2. 75%
  3. 67%
  4. 50%
  5. 33%

Please note that all these are classified as Resilient creatures & not mixed with other classes.

Reduced Damage Resistance is also another class defining one since only cunning creatures and their mix classes are suppose to distract, so when you are have Fierce creatures resisting damage reduction, well, you start to realize that something is really messed up.

And I will not talk about Fierce creatures that has cleansing abilities but that’s a story for another time.

And last one to not make this topic long, Speed Reduce Resistance. I will just go ahead and drop a picture of cunning creatures that has it.

  1. 100%
  2. 50%

Many of you would argue that there is a reason for such creatures to have such resistances like Sloths are slow, so they should not be slowed down when use camouflage or Indominus Rex has Cloak and no cleanse, so with damage reduction the cloak would be wasted in vain. Well to that I would say that yes exception can be made, but it shouldn’t be this frequent, and to fix the gameplay, you shouldn’t just go make everything insanely strong, what you should do instead is stick to the classes roles and remain consistent to it. if a class is dominating another which it was suppose to be inferior to it, then there is clearly something wrong with that creature that must be fixed, and the opposite is true also when it comes it a creature that was suppose to be a counter to a class but instead keeps losing to it.

With that said, let me know your ideas of how resistances can be fairly distributed to make classes more efficient against others that are suppose to counter.


I for one think that all resilient creatures with counter attack and shields should have 50% reduced damage resistance. To benefit from their counter attacks while putting their shields on. Example: Rajasaurus & Diorajasaur, you already see how such resistance help Majundaboa and Ankylo Lux

I agree raja should have Distraction resistance cause if megalo has it why not Raja?

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I’m fine with Edmontoguanodon having 100% Swap Prevention resistance cause it is so bad in PVP

The question is still why? shouldn’t it have more useful resistances against cunning? or even Resilient… but not against the class that suppose to counter it

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The class system only lasted an update or two. It is basically irrelevant now. Ludia has all but declared they’ve given up on it.


but it is literally the key to make everything make sense again, it is to complicated when you have OP creatures running around everywhere and not know which creature that can actually beat it

Ludia has never innovated, they have always chased…

Stat boosts.
The class system.
Resets on Wednesdays.
The Pass.

All other game stuff they adopted. I think they realized with their monetization goals and the fast and furious pace that they introduce creatures there was no way they could keep up with a solid, well defined class system. The killer was Indo G2, the first creature that had a move that did about 5 things at once. Now almost every move does at least three things, and in order to juggle all that you have to give moves to creatures that just shouldn’t have them. Plus, as I state in another thread I started - Raids. They decided to not bother with separating raid moves from the arena, so you get stuck with stuff that really doesn’t belong in a PvP setting.

Oh, and again - monetization.


If resilients didn’t have swap prevention immunity, there could possibly more creatures with No escape in the meta adding variety.


Ghost is fierce. Not cunning.

Edit: I just realized he’s not, which is broken. He has 2 fierce abilities, so you’d think he’d be part fierce. So fierce-cunning would have some speed decrease resistance, but obviously not 100%.

I also think all Fierce creatures should have some form of vulnerable resistance, even if their fierce attacks cleanse it, or addition to that a minor stun resistance, which would rather be taken away from many cunning creatures, nowadays the swap in stun meta is practically irrelevant, because the only thing you can swap in stun are fierce creatures, and then you have to deal with their fierce abilities… ?!

Cunning creatures with stun resistances:



Well only some are not that great to have on. Mostly giganyx, indom and indom gen 2 shouldn’t have distraction resist. The others are somewhat fine with it. like edaho and posti, both dmg are soo low and rely on their buff moving buff to do dmg and cunnings remove, so for me. It’s fine. Also is Secodont fine with how low hp it has. Tryo is mixed tho

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How is that suppose to help them against Resilient creatures though? that the argument here, Fierce creatures aren’t suppose to do well against cunning ones

For posti and edaho, It’s so that they’re not totally useless vs cunning and at least can prob do around 40%-22% of their hp before dying. DO NOT forget that their is also cunning/resilient creatures that it can also help a bit more vs them. Like i said, GIGANYX should not have a distraction resist and both indoms too, as cunnings most of the time can’t 2 shot them or lower their dmg enough through their cloak that they can take a hit.