Resistances of each class

Each clade has a default resistance, such as the “Cunning” class which has “diatraction” or “damage over time” or even “swap prevention” as resistance.

but I have certain doubts (which I hope will help me answer them)

Cunning resitances: Distraction, Critic decrease, Stun(i think) DoT, Swap prevention.

Fierce resitances: Taunt, Vulnerable, Speed decrease and Damage over time

Resilient resistances: Stun, Vulnerable, Speed decrease, Taunt, Swap prevention

But something that I don’t understand is the following: Many say that the resistance to speed decreases in a “fierce” is explained because it counteracts the resilient, but if we follow the same logic, the resilient must have resistance to distraction and consequently, cunning beasts should have resistance to stun, distraction, DoT, swap prevention and speee decrease, right?

I mean, what the hell is going on here? the resistances help the class of the creature itself (like speed decrease in marsupial lion or kelenken against the Dot but, but the resilient ones are not given a resistance to distraction?
I did not do this thread demanding that the resilients have more resistances (they are the most annoying class in my opinion) but I do not understand the algorithm or resistance rules of this game

Well in the logic:They should have

Fierce::resistance to deceleration,vulnerability,to stun (since its mostly resilient),to Swap in stunning strike and sometimes to DoT , rend and swap prevention

Cunnings:Resistance to DoT,to rend,to swap prevention and sometimes to crit decrase and distraction

Resilients::Resistance to Crit decrease,to distraction and sometimes to deceleration,vulnerability,stun and swap in stunning strike

That would be the 100% pure logic.
And of course,if there were a rework to do:
Speed of resilients:Between 101-111
Speed of Fierces: Between 112-122
Speed of Cunnings:122-132.

That would be the PURE logic.
I still don’t get it why most fierce are slower than resilients.


is that that is what I do not understand, I do not know if it is us but the resistances must make sense

yes,i agree,
I see the devs have started to work on something with a beginning of a logic.
But it is still not finish.
Most of the chomper are slower than resilient and can be slow,
Swap in stunning strike remain untouched,cunnings lack of special moves and evasion and stun still rely too much on RNG .

it’s a question of asking I guess.

@Ned Can you put us in context on this topic? I mean what type of resistors stand out from each class

No, it should be like

fierce: vulnerable, speed decrease, sometimes dot
cunning: distraction, crit reduction, sometimes dot
resilient: speed decrease, taunt, sometimes stun, sometimes vulnerable
wildcards: dot, distraction, crit reduction, stun
old immunity creatures: rend, dot, crit reduction, distraction, decel, swap prevntion, speed decrease, vulnerable

100% vulnerability, speed decrease,50%dot
100% Distraction,Dot,50%rend

Why do they need it? Their basic attacks cleanse distract.

That is not the point, the point is that it is not clear what resistances work with the classes (resistance to distraction and resilience class is just one example)

It makes sort of a balance system since fierce would be the best stat wise, Fierce wouldn’t have any bad stats if it had some decent speed and resilient would have the worst stats having low speed and damage. Fierce would then have no bad stats(excluding crit and armor) and 1 of the stats would have to be the worst in the class system, it can’t have bad health(since then the same scenario would happen but with cunning) and I highly doubt you would be happy if it had the worst damage

Cunning: distraction, bleed, rend, crit reduction, swap prevention

Fierce: vulnerable, speed decrease, stun

Resilient: taunt, speed decrease, stun, vulnerable

Most here are what we can observe in the game but they are also what i think should be, like fierce having stun. It doesn’t make sense for so many cunning to have stun when it’s fierce that counters stunning tanks. Swap prevention doesn’t seem to have a clear tendency but i think It fits some cunning creatures better. Hybrids of course could get a mix and the content of the mix depends on its niche.


agree,except for resilient:they should have crit resistance and distraction

then rework their stats,fierce are meant to beat resilients no matter what.
Their kit should be weaker on them.
I don’t understand why you can easily destroy 1 fierce but doing a combo of 2 resilients: (Decelerating rampage + swap in stunning strike)
There should be resistance to the swap in stunning strike to begin with.

If the same scenario could happened with 2 raptor able to beat a resilient,you would scream.
Raptor 1 high pounce + swap in another raptor (if one day they have swap in damage aswell) to defeat an apatosaurus.

Resilient-No longer cleanse distraction
Fierce- No longer cleanse vulnerability
Cunning- No longer cleanse DoT

Give them resistence according to their class.

I think they could, yes, but It isn’t their specialty. Since they can already cleanse distraction with their resilient/superiority move it’s not something all of them need, tho It could be useful for those that don’t have many distracting cleansing moves. But still, distraction and crit resistance fit cunning niches better than resilient even tho they can have It too

Here’s my contribution to the discussion:

Speed Decrease
Critical Decrease

Damage Over Time
Swap Prevention (It doesn’t really counter any classes, but it belongs primarily to the fierce family)


What I would love to see is no complete immunity to any resistance especially deceleration, it could be 90% on a Dino but not 100% , it makes for a more challenging game .