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What is the most useless resistance?
To me, it’s either crit decrease res or speed decrease res. For speed it’s because outside of resiliant dittos, it’s not that helpful unless you’re fully immune.


With Crit Reduction, if you have even a 95% Crit Reduction resistance with a 5% Crit Chance, it’s still 0 Crit Reduction resistance. Ludia really needs to change the calculation for that. Decel resistance on something that can’t speed control is really bad, but it’s not the worst if you do have speed control. With Decel it’s more dependent on the Moveset of the creature rather than just being useless unless it an immunity, which Crit Reduction is.

Better then 0. But do not use it.

Taunt resistance (if it isn’t full immunity) is the worst (at least in raids where taunt is relevant) because you don’t know what dino you’re going to target. With full immunity you’ll hit the normal target, and with 0% resistance you at least know you’ll hit the taunter and can plan around that. But with 66% resistance you just don’t know, and not knowing is bad. At least only two dinos (Ardontosaurus and Geminititan) have anything besides 0% or 100% taunt resistance, but honestly nothing should.


In the arena, taunt resistance is useless. In raids, distraction resistance (because it’ll be cleansed easily because in most Raids there is an irrit. In general, crit reduction