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**Resolved** - My Alliance is gone

EDIT 04/16/19
The issue is resolved, at least for now. My Alliance returned. I do not know where it went on its brief vacation, but I hope it had fun (even though I was home worrying about its safety).

Original post
Because I could never find an alliance I could work with, I started my own, paying the coin fee from my account stash of coins. Now, with the Easter/Bunny/Egg event going on, my alliance is gone. No message saying that is was going to be removed for whatever reason and a chance to correct any issue. Just “poof” gone.

Is this a bug? A mistake? Will it come back? Or do I have to go out into the dark and scary wilderness with my hat in hand begging someone to take in this poor homeless dino collector?


How many people were there in your alliance?`


You can join my alliance!
Its called ‘TheLegends’!
We work together, do friendly battles, and complete missions!
I’m the leader, and we would love new active members!
I’m getting a lot of unreliable requests, so what’s your username?
Sincerely, Master

We would love to take you in! We’ve got an awesome alliance. StygiShield if you would like to join!

This dude never misses a beat when plugging the alliance :joy:
Not hating. At least you’re consistent :+1:


Whenever they ask to join, I tell them :wink:

Hey Wandering_Old_Dude, that definitely shouldn’t have happened, and our support team would be more than happy to take a closer look at your account to see what the issue could be. Could you reach out to our team here at with your support key? In the meantime, try force closing and then rebooting your game to see if your Alliance reappears. Thanks!

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Join Virginia USA
I’ll accept you in if you wanna join.
No needs required

It was only me, which is why if it didn’t return wasn’t really a big deal.

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Thank you for the offer.

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Thank you for your reply and suggestion. It has returned without any serious intervention.

Thanks for the offer.

Thank you for the offer

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