[RESOLVED]Tournament award not collected

So season has ended and leaderboard reset. I get the message I’ll start the new one at my current trophycount and all I can do is hit ok then the pop up disappears and no award is given… great

They did say it’ll take awhile to roll out the rewards.
It got Ludia’d.

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I believe that Ludia has stated that you’ll be given your proper reward over the coming weeks. So I’m assuming it might be through the ingame mail.


Same happened to me

For the battle icon button, it says “Collect” but the app doesn’t have the January Season award. Yet another bug that should have been easily tested and verified before the s/w release! Bunch of amateurs!


Guy’s, read this, it’ll tell you what’s happening.

Same problem here on my second account. I haven’t battled on my main yet because I still have an incubator cooking.

I just got mine in gameimage

Same, it was the rank I had and everything, so no mess ups.

Lol it stygi so honestly don’t care/mind


I didnt get reward for the season …when was it given out?

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