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Resolved :)

last week i brought up to the help&support in game that i couldn’t add my facebook account to my game because somehow my facebook had a level 1 account already attached to it

i was told that the problem would be solved by Ludia, who would erase the facebook game and allow me to merge my level 30 game with my facebook account

but i think they deleted the wrong account because i just opened the game and 1) the support key isn’t my usual game’s support key, and 2) it’s giving me the intro? like, Hiccup doing the whole introduction tutorial?

i’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, to see if maybe that would help, but no dice. And i know it’s not my iPhone’s Game Center problem because the welcoming banner drops down from the top of my screen as it usually does.

i would love to recover my game if that’s at all possible.

Contact support directly either via email or on game

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i have, yeah :0c

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resolved : )


That’s great, @Seabird! Do not hesitate to let me know if you’re having any other issues.