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Resources from main quest

Why is it when you hit the play button and actually finish the quest in the main quest, the resources don’t add up into the duties?

If the coins, fish, and eggs add up in the autocomplete quest, and count towards the duties for collecting coins, fish, and eggs.

But when you actually play the main quest it doesn’t count towards any of the duties? Why? It use too, why did you stop that feature?

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The main story isn’t considered a quest, it’s called an Exploration. So when a duty specifies the resource be collected from quests, doing the Exploration doesn’t count. As you point out though it is true, the other option on that same page counts towards duties that ask for quests as well, and can be a quick and easy way to complete duties. If it doesn’t specify quest, instead it would just call it a battle, then the Exploration to will count towards those duties. Just not the ones called quests.

Isn’t the main adventure technically a quest? If you allow part of the screen to effect the completion of duties then everything in that area should effect it totally. Otherwise it’s a waste of time. If not, then move that option into the “quest screen”.

I’m pretty sure in the past it was like that, doing the main adventure use to effect the completion of the duties. There has been so many changes to the game, it’s becoming less fun.

Why even have a main adventure with goals and rewards if it doesn’t effect the rest of the game? It should all be connected, otherwise it’s poorly designed

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However, playing the main adventure does effect battles fought, and if I use certain dragons, but won’t count dragons towards the 50 that need to be defeated.

Again, if anything counts playing main adventure, everything should count.

The game actually did used to have the repeatables seperated from main story, and I never really understood why they moved them around- I agree it made it confusing with two different things available on the same page but I guess people said it was confusing the other way too. it helps I understood what was going on since I was playing before the change.
I feel like I have had the “defeat dragons” work for the exploration as long as it didn’t specify “defeat dragons in quests” but if that really doesn’t work it should be fixed, I will test that out next time I get that duty.
Besides that… the game makes it clear when things are quests and when you need to do quests for duties by naming them specifically, and giving them a specific symbol, which the buttons leading to story mode never display (it looks like a compass) sooo all in all I don’t see a problem here… It’s just another layer of puzzle complexity that a player has to play around, it is a puzzle game after all. That applies to more aspects than the match-3; it also applies to spending your resources such as energy, team building, figuring out what the abilities mean when the same type of ability can be worded 3 different ways.

Here are examples, there has always been a difference between quests and the main exploration stuff.

This doesn’t say in quest, and when playing the main adventure, the eggs don’t count.