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Resources in the sheep quests

After the last update, we could get eggs, coins and fish from the sheep quests, but that’s not helping, we can’t always beat the last stage of this quest, so we only get one sheep from it if that happens.and three stages give resources. We need to get a sheep in every single stage like before, some people like me, are having a hard time leveling up their dragons because they reached high levels, and will take sometime completing the duty gain 15 levels,we really need the sheeps, they also help in making the ability level go @marcus or @ned,please share this with your team.


Here is Ludia’s solution to your problem:

Thank you for the feedback, itami.

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Here is an idea. Add 1* and 2* sheep to game and mage them rewards in the quests as well. Then we can get all sheep while not making it too much

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