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Resourse-Reward Events Improvement

I address mostly to experienced players ;
what do you think about Resource - reward events , such as “Mighty Money” , "Battle for Survival ", “Fight for Funds” , " Test your Strength " and "Stakeholders Visit " ? Don’t you think that the rewards of these all may be helpful for the newer player but almost nothing for us ? Unfortunately , our parks have way bigger needs and these events’ rewards are so low that it is not worthwhile to put some of our dinosaurs at cooldown .
Ludia begins to categorise many daily events depending everybody’s level . Why not to increase the rewards of Resource events depending to every player level ? With this way , the most experienced players will start again to play these events .


Of course we’d all agree bigger prizes would be nice. But I personally am grateful for any opportunity to get things like DBs, food, LPs and especially S-DNA rewards. Any player can decide for themselves if the time, CDs, etc. are worth the reward or not… and sometimes there are times I’ll sit them out as a result. I definitely am not happy about how much they have stripped pack rewards as well as the DBs in the packs put of the game, for those of us not able to as easily replace them with TH offers that have appeared to have been dialed back again.

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“Mighty Money” - Rare creatures that I don’t use otherwise so free coin, SDNA, and LP from the pack plus the pack counts towards the daily events

"Battle for Survival " - uses common creatures that I wouldn’t use other wise so free food, SDNA, LP from the pack plus the pack counts towards the daily events

“Fight for Funds” - while this one does use higher end creatures and it would be nice if there were more DB in the pack, if I plan correctly then I won’t need to spend DB on cooldowns so it becomes free DB, LP, a Pack that count towards the daily events

“Test your Strength” - free DNA and SDNA since it’s creatures I would normally never use

"Stakeholders Visit” - can always use more LP and if I plan correctly I won’t need to spend DB on cooldowns and I get SDNA for completing the event.


I have such a large DNA income (1,2 mio in my vault) that I almost need none of the dinos in the event packages.
If I want one I can buy it at any time…sounds braggy but isn’t meant to be.
No need for coins either, of course.
Food is ok but not necessary.
Bucks are no longer existing in event packages, everybody knows why.

So in the end I’m only doing events for VIP points, SDNA, Clash of Titans and I (almost) never have to use bucks for cooldowns.
And last but not least I do them because they are fun!


@Sionsith I know that the first two are easy to play , but tell me is it fair for higher level players to get the same rewards as the newer ones , despite the fact that they face way stronger opponents and they have bigger needs ? I mean "Mighty Money " gives only 1,500,000 coins and “Battle for Survival” only 500,000 food . As for the other 3 the situation is worse as you have to put some of your stronger dinosaurs, for what ? 120 DB ? 1000 DNA (the most usual reward of "Test your Strength " for me ) ? The rewards of “Stakeholders Visit” are a bit better than the rest but still not enough for a so difficult event .
@Mary_Jo I do not say that they are completely useless . They surely help you when you are in desperate need of resources , but I just say that at some point they lose their importance (and their fan) . I would prefer something more difficult but also more helpful , than something almost free of cost ("Mighty Money " , "Battle for Survival ") and low rewarding . As for the other three events you know that they are not cheap for their rewards .

I would say they are “fair” in that they treat all players the same above a certain level, and the difficulty of the event does not increase. You could make the argument that the ones that are indexed off your top creatures is not equitable in that the creatures you might have to use have a much longer or high cost of cool down for the same reward, but I would point out that each player is getting indexed off of their top creatures so if you have to use your top creatures to complete an event and someone else has to use their top creatures to complete an event, both players are needing to use the same relative lineup creatures making it as fair as it can be across the infinite amount of combinations of lineups.

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Nobody ever said that this game is fair to higher level players.
It starts with the fact that most of the events are much harder to win for experienced players and ends with the fact that they get the same rewards, although they have to invest much more resources in term of stronger creatures.


Yes , but think it from the side of the rewards . You know what I personally consider fair ? Tournaments . At tournaments every player does their best in order to get a good reward. In the end , everyone is where they “belong” . A strong player finish at dominator and they are fine with their reward when a less strong player finish at hunter and they are fine with their reward too . For the strong player the hunter reward may not be so good but for the other one it is the most helpful pack . What would happen if the top three league’s rewards were like hunter league pack? What is the point for the strong player to give the best they can , when they know that in the end they will get a pack that is not so useful and that is a reward for the other two leagues too? No , that player wouldn’t give their best for a tournament of this kind .
Or think the school exams . A good student give their best to get a high grade and it is ok with the outcome . An student with lower abilities gives the best they can to get a mediocre grade and they are ok with the outcome too . Wouldn’t it be unfair the two students to get the same grade ?

I hope these examples help you understant why I consider Resourse events unfair . The rewards are not what it should be , regarding the effort that high level players did in order to climb where they are now (compared to the effort the newer ones did) and also regarding what every player is suttisfied with (the new players may be suttisfied because they do not need more , but the rest …).

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Well I’d argue that it’s actually MOST difficult for newer players. But then you get to a point like where I am and it becomes much more of a cakewalk and disincentivizes players to continue leveling up to where it gets much more challenging again.

But I expect that the bulk of money spent on the game doesn’t come from long term players. They want to keep them happy enough to keep playing (and ideally paying for VIP memberships) but I think we all know who are the ones that pay for those crazy expensive packs, and it’s certainly not the players that have already collected everything. And once people have stuck with the game past all the negative changes they have been making, and still keep playing, that pretty much tells Ludia that minimal rewards are not enough for players to quit. So putting extra resources into having different prize packs for all these different events, just not going to happen.

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I agree with @Tommi that Ludia does not respect the effort experienced players did in order to be where they are and it continues to give them the same rewards with the newe ones. At least, give everyone what they need !
Anyway , this is not a request that would decrease the money Ludia gets . Seeing that they already did it with some other events I just hoped to do that at Resource events too . But I already know that Ludia scarcely listen players at these issues so I do not have much expectations :pensive:

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Almost no daily events are really worth their reward. As @Tommi said, they’re fun. I do them for the S-DNA. Otherwise, they hold no interest to me. A lot of them aren’t even doable thanks to my pack of level 10 Indoraptors that surpass all my other creatures’ ferocity by a mile.


“Mighty Money” and “Battle for Survival” are not even fun ! That will be the situation now ? Will we do daily events only for S-DNA ? That is a big disadvantage of the game for me . And the solution is so easy …

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Remember the psychology of freemium games. Freemium game developers target newer players, not older ones. The goal is to make the game fun and easy enough to get folks to play it and invest some time in it. Once a player has gotten to a certain point, the “I’ve already come so far” attitude kicks in. You’ve worked so hard and gotten your park to a certain level and unlocked the aquatic and cenozoic sections and so forth. So you feel invested. And so even though the return-on-investment of your time isn’t what it used to be, you’d hate to just quit the game, because you already put so much into it. And so you keep playing, for lesser rewards, because you put so much into it, and every once in a while a new shiny toy comes out, or you want to “collect them all” even though some creatures only come up once a year, and so on, and so on. It’s a real psychology game that freemium games use. Part of that game is lesser rewards for higher-level players, because you’ve already got them hooked. Why do phone companies give so much better deals to new customers than they do to their loyal, already-been-with-you-for-years customers?

Ludia rewards its high-level players better than most freemium games, but, end of the day, it’s still the same basic psychological model. We have to realize that we’re rats in the cage and either enjoy the maze (which I do, in this game) or exit the cage (which we can do any time by choosing to play another game or use our time some other way). But we have very limited control over changing the cage (changing rewards, altering prices, changing rules and stats, getting new creatures). It’s their cage, their game. We can play by their rules and enjoy or find something else to do.


Ok , that was deep and also depressing , but I do not deny that it is the truth . We have to continue enjoying the game , with that knowledge in the back of our minds .

If we have "very limited control of our cage " as you said , there is no reason to express what we feel about the current situation of the game at this Forum . There is also no reason to give our ideas about the improvement of game experience . This Forum exists only for answering to other players questions , to inform about recent changes and report the bugs . We have to admit that the Forum has no power .


This is not totally true.
After Ludia changed the number of custom trades from 3 to 1 a few months ago there was a huge rebellion in the community of this forum.
In the end they withdraw that modification.


Ok let me rephrase that ; " The Forum has almost no power " . Are you ok now ?
Anyway , the custom trade example is just an exception . It does not really change what I said before . We can talk about numerous requests of many players that never even got an answer from Ludia . And I am not talking only about one-person requests . I am talking about popular requests too . This is the truth and we have to accept it .


Ludia does care about their players. They’re not heartless. Most developers quite care about their players. Many of them become developers because they were gamers at some level. For them, their work is their passion.

However, in my limited experience with game developers, as with any company, there are big wigs and suits above the passionate people; they care about profits more than people. And so the developers have their hands tied pretty heavily on what they can and cannot do. Developers care about a quality gaming experience; suits care about money. I don’t know if this tension exists at Ludia, but it exists at almost every gaming (and other service-providers) company out there. I could give stories about Disney and IBM and EA (Electronic Arts), but that’d be unnecessary and unprofessional.

As for the forum, the forum does not exist as a place for players to talk to developers; forums exist for player-to-player communication. If our comments and thoughts go to the developers (which the moderator team is often gracious to do), that’s a bonus. But the forum, strictly speaking, is for players to talk with players.

The best way we “talk” to developers is the way we spend (or don’t spend) money on the game. The second-best way we talk to developers is the way we spend (or don’t spend) time on the game. Support tickets and forum comments are a distant third to proft and playtime statistics to game developers.

I’m sorry if my message came across as depressing. It’s kind of the way much of the world works. Unless you work in a small, mom-and-pop style business where the company is fairly small and contact with the client is direct or near-direct between owner-operator and customer, a lot of the “humanity” of production and service gets lost. Welcome to a global, transnational, efficient system of economy. It’s up to us as we interact with each other on a daily basis to bring heart and soul to whatever system we find ourselves in. And that, we can do.


@HanSoloWannaBe well said


So , you agree with what I said , that basicly the Forum is not for expressing our opinion or giving new ideas . It is not bad to do that , but it is almost useless . It is only for helping each other , informing about recent changes and reporting bugs .

On the other hand, I have to admit that Ludia staff has helped us a lot at any question and problem we have . They deserve our respect and gratitude.


I’m not sure the reversal on the custom trades was particularly due to this forum… the Facebook page has noticeably more activity typically, and certainly they likely got a LOT of direct feedback from users as well, not to mention high profile YouTubers like Gaming Beaver calling them out for the change. So it was definitely a group effort from all aspects of the community and probably one we here played a relatively minor part in.

I’ve kind of wondered if the inaction on the VIP custom trade bug has been that it doesn’t seem to have been mentioned as often outside this forum. I’ve seen it mentioned by individual users on FB, but the way the FB page works, posts by users often are not read or commented on by other users so it’s a lot harder in general to rally people around a specific cause. Particularly one that affects a sub-group of a sub-group of players.

@HanSoloWannaBe though nails the relationship between the developers and the “suits” in companies like this. I deal with the same thing all the time in my industry (ecommerce) where so often I know what needs to be done to make a website better for the user but the client just doesn’t want to spend the money to do it, or prioritizes other things. And it really pains me to then have to get emails from users of the site telling them to fire the developer because the website sucks so much, when I know how to make it work better and am not being allowed to.