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Respawn timer for uniques event


The uniques around my area are not respawning. The initial announcement mentioned a respawn timer of 2 hours but it’s been 10 hours, the same Dino’s are in the same places and the ones I shot are still absent. What’s up? I’ve restarted the game a couple of times

Uniques respawning?

I noticed this as well. I am waiting for it to rotate to a different dinosaur but nothing has changed.


The chart says the uniques respawn every 2 hours but I haven’t seen it reset at all since morning. Has anybody seen it reset? I’d like to get one last erlidominus but I’m surrounded by diorajas


Same here :roll_eyes: :thinking: ludia always messed up


Maybe they meant to put 12 but forgot the 1 … would be completely possible x)


One green tower nearby is empty since last 4hours.