Rest in peace Jurassic Park Builder

I still remember the shock and happiness i felt when this game first popped up on the play store when i searched for dino games, anyone else remember playing this before the release of it’s successor?


What a strange topic title.

Edit - didn’t really know what that post was about as I don’t just click random facebook links :slight_smile:

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That’s a shame but hopefully it will mean more resources for JWA and JWtG.


Played it a lot. Got a complete deck. But haven’t entered it for at least a year.

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Free credit:

Follow these steps for an EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE OFFER ($20 value) to get a head start in these games.

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  1. Email before April 30th, 2020
  2. Use subject line: “New Season, New Game”
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And I see now they will shutdown on the day of my birthday…

I will have to enter it and say goodbye to my dinos…

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Hey everyone, the offer only applies to accounts created in or after the month of February 2020.


I’ve never played this game. But I’m still sad :frowning:


RIP JPB, you will be missed.

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Closing 10 years after opening huh…

@Ludia_Developers I beg you! Don’t close this game in 2028! This game should live on forever! It is an incredible game and I will cry when it closes. Im very nostalgic over some creatures already!

Einiosaurus was the first dinosaur I unlocked.

Postosuchus was my first ever Rare.

Suchotator was my first ever Hybrid.

Concavenator was my first ever epic.

Velociraptor and stegosaurus carried me through the early game.

I remember eating at an amazing smokehouse and then going out and darting t-Rex in the 2018 Halloween event to unlock it. Good times.

Indomimus Rex was my first ever legendary… oh man…

I remember experiencing the 1.4 patch notes… I was so glad we got pterosaurs…

Also fun fact @Dimodactylus I love your parent tupandactylus. She carried me through the early game, and I was so glad when she got a hybrid in 1.5! I was estatic!

I remember being proud of dracorex Gen2 when it got swap in Shattering Rampage, as it was useless before it got it. I was on the rush to level it up. And Dracoceratops when it got it too…

Spinotasuchus on Valentine’s Day! Oh yes! It was a tyrant back then so yea.

I remember being depressed when I saw monomimus on 1.5 losers even though I didn’t have monomimus. I didn’t even have a single legendary…

JW alive… your incredible. Respect.


Ik, I don’t want to say goodbye to proceratosaurus, ardentismaxima, geminititan, and the one I definitely don’t want to say goodbye to is Dimodactylus! (Wait… where did you get the information?)


I won’t say goodbye to any of my creatures. Never! Not my Utahsinoraptor, not my monomimus, not my Erlidomimus, not my Indoraptor duo, not my Thoradolosaur, not my sarcorixis, not my stygidaryx or anything that has or will help me! #prayforjurassicworldalive


Mind sending me the link to where you find the info? If it’s in the link that the person who created then thread then sorry I’m blind.

The link in my post is where the info came from, it’s essentially an announcement from the official Facebook page for the game.

Rip my boi, we had great times together, we started in the land with triceratops…

In the sea with the dunkilosaurs…

And finally on the frozen tundra with mammoth

I’ll never forget thee


She set the ground work not only for JWTG but JWA as well, her battle animation are unique, the models, the special, the blocks, man it’s just nostalgia looking back. I remember waiting till Christmas to get the special on trex and stego omg it was so much fun.

Watching people like Gaming beaver and Besting Sloth :sloth: play and trying to follow in there foot step it’s gonna be weird knowing I can never go back


For me it was first common: velociraptor
First rare: pussasuchus
First hybrid: eniasuchus
First epic: T-rex
First legend: I-rex
First unique: Indo

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Someone highlight the info where it says that 2028 JWA will be closed please, I’m blind :sweat_smile:

Oh it’s not information. It’s a guess.

I’m curious what makes you think this game will even last till 2028? Given that in game player count and position in the financing lists falls lower with each new patch.