Restart conversation and switching counterparts

Hey does anyone else want to be able to restart conversations with matches without resetting our games and also who else wants to be able to switch with counterparts. I think if Ludia done this it would make a lot of us happy.


They just did this on an update on mechat. Well the switching counterparts anyway. If you unmatch with your current partner even if they went grey you can then wait and get the counterpart. It would be interesting to see if it happens with Lovelink as well.


These have been two highly requested features for some time.
Being able to reset conversations would be great, as some of my matches have been offline for a long time that I can’t quite remember what happened in their stories, so resetting them to get a recap would be nice. And when a few more stories are finished (whenever that happens), being able to go back and re-experience my favourite characters’ stories would be fantastic.
And changing counterparts would be great.


I think it might happen but I don’t know when. Also with MeChat the gem choices are so much cheaper which is the only good thing about MeChat as some of the stories are short and you have to pay a ridiculous amount to get seasonal characters.


Yeah I always forget what happened in the conversations when the matches have been gone for a long period of time. But I’m worried they’ll make us pay with gems to restart the conversation which would be a bad move to do because they already make up pay so much for gem choices and photos, also with the new profile character features.

They probably will charge us for resetting the conversations; hopefully, it’s not too much. I reckon the first time you reset a conversation, it’ll be free or heavily discounted, then any subsequent resets will cost you with the further into a story you are, the more gems it’ll cost to reset


I played MeChat before Love Link and I was so shocked at the price difference of gems between the two apps. It’s an insane amount of gems to see a photo, even with slashed prices in LL than in MC. Granted, here in LL I like that we have an avatar that we can use as our in-game counterparts, which is something we don’t have in MC. And having that avatar makes great use of customization in both looks and clothing options… which can and will cost gems. I appreciate the 1000 gem gift once you join, but now that I’ve seen the prices, it makes sense as to why they gave as much as they did.

I like that we can get gems every x-amount of hours in LL, but in MC, you can get 3 gems every hour, and 5 gems every 5hrs. If someone is REALLY diligent, they can get 20 gems in a day every 5hrs, plus 72 gems total if they got their 3 gems every hour on top of that. In total, that’s 92 gems in a 24hr period (if one is to be that diligent and attentive). I haven’t made any calculations for LL yet, I literally have one match and have just started playing today. So I may update that if someone else hasn’t/doesn’t, but the price difference as opposed to the opportunities to get gems is pretty big and crazy.


That is probably the only good thinh about MeChat. It’s very easy to gather the gems needed for the choices cause they are so low cost. Story wise, it’s a whole different story. (Sorry for the redundancy). They’re very poorly written, most times they make no sense and the english used is awful. LL is clearly superior, even graphic wise. Just really wish they could fix the matching bug, and make choices cheaper. 300 gems for looking at a baby photo album (Adam story) is just very off putting.


The stories/writing on MC is generally inferior to LL. Rushed and sometimes just messy. But the ability to unmatch and switch to counterparts is awesome, and I admit it has me playing far more liberally with spending my gems and with matching whomever. If someone cooler looking comes along, I can just jump to my preferred counterpart! And if that person then looks weirder in dates than I expect, I can switch back and pick up where I left off. Which I have done a few times already. :smirk: