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Restart event bug

Yo, trying to restart the event and it’s not letting me :frowning: tried restarting the app just in case but no dice.


Do not be surprised, there are a lot of bugs with restart. For example, I still wait until 1800 runes are be returned…

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Yep, contacted support. Luckily I’ll still get my Toothless this time, but I haven’t spent that many runes for events since the first event. They even swapped the “continue” and “restart” buttons, so who knows how many people could’ve misclicked and not reported it. This isn’t some “I clicked 10+1 basic drafts by mistake, give me back at least 500 runes” type of scenario(which by itself is resolved by a simple confirmation window that, as far as I know, is still missing). This is a complete back-end bug.

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Aye I lost about 1000, not fun.