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Restart the 1.6 version - This game is taking serious damage for the future!

This game is taking serious damage and very fast!

With all this boost the Arena are HUGE INSTABLE. When some finding speed-boosts and some are not, in the end, only 1 overpowered dino could take out a whole team.

We need BALANCE !

Rework 1.7 and give everyone their money back from what they spend in this last update!

This game is now free fallin’.


It sure does. Whatever strategy this game had before is almost gone. Level 27 dilo could be stronger than level 30 one. Thor could outspeed erlidom and dilo. Magna boosted to its max is pretty much unstoppable. All these updates basically force players to pay a lot to stay competitive.
The battling in this game used to be an advanced version ro rock, paper, scissors. But now developers decided that if you pay enough, your rock could have spikes to cut through paper and paper could be made out of titanium to break scissors. I used to play against top 50 and enjoy guessing on who is my opponent based on the time of the day they play, their profile picture and dino selection. And once you figure out who that is then you can sort of predict what will be their next move. Right now its all over the place. I win roughly 6-7 matches out of 10 and my ranking keeps dropping from late 5800 before 1.7 to 5500.

Honestly, allowing speed boosts was just a really-really bad idea. They should have limited it to only attack and health.


What’s the point of level up your team?

I have meet underleveled dinos who are faster then anything I have. And they are powerful.

In battles I know I could have won, the odds are bad from the start.

The game dosen’t value my hard work and effort of going out and hunting,
This is why I think the game taking serious damage.

And aswell, not making more of the dinos we already have, better and more balanced for end-game.

Been thinking of this.

Send everyone 5000 green-money.
And draw back the game!

That would be equal to everyone who already spend money on boosters.

Aswell, that would be a GREAT way to tell everyone you made wrong.

And in the long-term, make the game more balance.


We don’t need a roll back, just a fix of the issues. With the feedback they have had this week it shouldn’t (fingers crossed) be long before they roll out the patch.

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Oh we are close to roll back need… unless there gonna manually go back flag everyone who has been able to purchase speed boosts and then give everyone else the chance to purchase them as well…

Just one of these 25 speed boosts purchase are more speed boosts then ive earned doing my dailies and the freebies was given for being on android.

And speed boosts are way more game changing then the other two boosts…if you havent experiened a heavily boosted tryo with 136+ speed and rtc up let me tell you he makes drako cera seem fair… ive one shot a magna with ferocious strike before it could do anything and hit a 6k double pump dsr on a tryko.

There is a reason Ludia haven’t put speed boosts in the shop…those that have been able to purchase them can have like a 25-100 speed boost advantage.


Not many times would I agree to a complete roll-back. It might be the t time for it…

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Had the exact same thought! Since the game is virtually unplayable in its current state, I was thinking that they should roll back to patch 1.6, until they address all major bugs… Patch 1.7, albeit great on paper, is a total disaster and is a huge game breaker…


Ive never thought the best solution to a games problem would be a roll back… but 1.7 is looking to be that way…

I said early 1.5 was slightly rushed… 1.6 they spent weeks fixing one feature in the patch.

1.7 was shipped in a…this button does this for some people and does nothing for others state where the buttons is make your team immensely better.

I also think selling boosts everyday is a mistake as well… i thought they were supposed to be hard to get…

my level 21 utahsino… 1 shot a lvl 24 without it dealing damage cause mine was boosted and my opponents were not. Thats insane the guy put in 3 more levels of work then me but my credit impact was to much.

Im at a point where most dinos on my team can win 3-4 levels higher mirror matches.

My lvl 22 tryo pretty much solod the epic strike tower by himself… tryko was down to 200 hps and the other two were dead when tryo finally went down.

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I thought so aswell.

I wonder how long time it will take before we se dinos like the ”Lord Lytho” :joy::joy:

Tryko have a great potential to be like that boss.

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And that’s the point.

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This version of update will always be remembered as the one who changed everything about the game.

Nothing in the arena is the same anymore.

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It will probably be remembered as the update that killed the game play :frowning:


Not really. Once the issues are fixed, this will be seen as the best update. What they have added is really good.

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To be honest.

I don’t even know what to play or use against this:

What are meta-relevant dinos against this powerful creatures?

I fully disagree: stat boosts killed the game play.

It strongly discourages people from going hunting, fusing dna, leveling up creatures to get a better team.

Why should we go hunting now? It’s easier to stay in the sofa and purchase stat boots.

Really, this has killed the game play and I am very sad about this.


Yes, go back 1.6. 1.7 is a mess and has great potential to kill the game. Battles run terrible and stat boots were easily the worst idea since the invention of f2p games.


Totally agree, stat boosts were the worst idea so far


So this game is nothing but pay to win now, if you have the cash then you can be unstoppable. Things like this person’s tryko should NOT be possible. This game is no longer friendly to free to play players… Even those who just subscribe to VIP…


I’m in favor of a roll back to remove all the speed boosts accidentally sold for sure.
No harm no foul.
Unless you follow the various social media, you would have no clue that they were not intended to be sold. Everyone should get a pass.

I’m indecisive about stat boosts completely.
I kinda like the idea of everyone getting them from daily battle incubators and picking and choosing their customized dinos.
But outright selling them, rewarding them, or giving out different amounts to different people for whatever reason just screams bad.
The game is also really rough for new players as it is.
Can you imagine the game experience for a first time player 6 months from now?
I really don’t know how it will effect the current player base long term, but any new players will be out of luck in the near future.