Restart the game! Give us another 140+ dinos! Give us more material to work with!

More and more players reach the top and after months of grinding same dinos as everyone else, we now need more variation!

The game need to keep players motivated to go out and hunt!
We starting to get tired of hunting same dinos we already seen for soon 1 year.

We don’t want to face same dinos over and over again in the arena. It becomes to predictable!

I will suggest to end this game and restart with 140+ other dinos.

We can all keep our collection and all our past DNA, but, when restarting the game we will be guaranteed to find the DNA and progress.

We are tired of getting new dinos who are useless or new dinos who can’t level up to team-level.

The point of getting new dinos is to have them in the arena, so far I haven’t faced any of the new ones from last update. After 4 weeks!! That’s REALLY bad.

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I don’t think you have any idea how much money this is going to cost.

Well, Honestly throughout the year a lot of new dinosaurs have been added and every patch we have other dinosaurs spawning in your area.

Yes, we do need a good patch with some good usable dinosaurs, but what comes closest to what you want is to just to restart your game and start all over again.


I agree with the diagnosis: all teams play with the same creatures and the game becomes boring.

I do not agree with the solution: We do not need 150 new creatures, we need many current creatures to be useful. We need that all the unique and legendary (at least) can have utility. There can not be so much difference from a Tryko to a Touramoloch or Diorajasauro being the three unique. It can not be one of the best in the first category (Tyrant) and the other two belong to the fourth category (Apex 3). The same can be said of the unique birds. With this and three or four new and useful creatures each new version should suffice. It is important that there are between 15 or 20 minimum creatures that can be used at the highest level so that different tactics can exist and that there are no excessively powerful creatures with respect to the rest (I look at you, tryko and draco)


I agree… they can add 340 dinos tomorrow… but if there not any good most people arent gonna invest the coins in them. Every unique and most legendaries should all be viable without having to “make them work”. Epic rares and common should be used even though their not optimal… imtalking min max…

I feel bad for Ludias art staff… they do some amazing work when you sit down and actually look at the models. There art team is easily one of the best on mobile… and so much of their work goes unused or fuse fodder at best.


New material and new dinosaurs are added frequently. I don’t see the problem there.

Also, many of us are happy to play the long game not rush through getting everything as quickly as possible.


If you dont see a problem with only 12-15 at best dinos out of 140 being viable I dont know what else to say because that is the op saying…even the ones they added last month this has nothing to do with rushing through content and everything to do with the fact that they continue to add new dinos that dont really get used. Out of all the dinos 1.6 brought us ive seen procera few times at best a darwin hybrid like twice . Ive yet to run into anything else.

I know some people are content just collect but collecting is only half this game and the majority of dinos are not used in the other half.

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I have said myself on these forums, that more dinosaurs should be viable at higher levels but we are constantly getting new dinosaurs. They won’t always be viable at higher levels but some will be. We can’t have everything.

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Saying we cant have everything would sound alot better if we were complaining about only 70 out of 140 dinos are playable.

Out of everything we gained out of 1.6 none of the dinos added see much play. Looking at the top 20 you find 2 of the new dinos… meanwhile their is like 19 dracocera. Dracocera is important measurement tool here because prior to 1.5 everyone was spending their dg2 on dg2.

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Everyone in the top plays same dinos at nearly same level.

How fun could that be?

If only new dinos was avaliable in the world, everyone would hunt same stuff.

This would mean more dinos could be leveled up faster, and make a smooth transaction in to the first version.

Later on. After 1 year. Both games could come together and in the end we would have more options of playstyles.

I can’t see how THIS arena will change in a dramatic way in near time.

That will make people stop playing.

The lack of more playable dinos will make people stop playing.

Look your gonna have to accept that your solution isnt gonna happen we can all agree the problem is their… but when your talking about restarting the game its simply not gonna happen. At this point were not evem sure Ludia wants a meta with more then 12-15 viable dinos… or if they can even balance that many.

On top of this you think people are gonna quit over boredom but that would pail in comparison to making people start over…

On top of that you think there gonna whip up 140 new dinos in less then a year? They add like 10 every 2-3 months. And they seem to be deliberately limiting meta dinos… 1.6 we got 2 dinos added to the meta in magna and dracocera. But lost dg2 and magna… so best case scenario in like a year from now they come out with this new version… with 140 brand new dinos… and only 15 of them are meta dinos end game. So you wanna restart the grind to end up at the point your already at.

Thanks for replay.

What you say here is the sad part.

They adjust the game, nerf stuff and decide to mutch what we will play and HOW we will play and what we will use.

Instead of making more dinos good they decide what is good. This control taking the freedom from players.


More then ever we need something to happend!