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Restarting the lineup

Okay, so can we please get a confirmation pop up for these Restart buttons on the Event Dragon bouts?

“Are you sure you want to restart?”

Just a simple question will prevent someone from wasting 50 Trust Points.

I barely got one battle in before accidentally pressing Restart. Sometimes my finger slips. It happens so freaking much it’s annoying. Makes me want to cry.


Who said that you can waste 50 TPs?

You can actually waste 94 lol

Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better, lol :sob:

Will it make you feel better knowing that if you get early access you do not get free restart at all? :sob:

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@Dinobai18 I am new to the Titans Uprising forum (never played before but thinking of starting), but from the JW:TG forum we also have some pretty serious cash issues i.e I myself have wasted 500+ DinoBucks accidentally… Ludia needs a confirmation button.

I got free restarts and I did early access. The free restart was its usual 23 hours after starting on each day and that timing continued even after ‘proper’ event started.