So i have been playing not long at all and I did not realize there were counterparts and that every character would go away for so long so I rushed through some stories and Im wondering if I restart can I still match the same people? I dont know if i will since ill lose the gems I paid for but Im bored of waiting. Maybe ill try again and do one story at a time and hopefully ill have more content by then

who knows really at this point when there will be new content. so re-starting you will just loose the gems you payed for& could easily just be in the same position again by the time your thru more story’s. more& more of us just seam to end up with nothing but gem collecting with matches we don’t want& then just collecting daily gems

I think if you keep your character the same, you should be able to match with the same people. But, yeah, you’d have to be willing lose out on what you paid for gems-wise.

I’m pathetic and will just read through a conversation of one of my favs when I’m bored with waiting for someone to come back :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:

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I’m a cheap kind of person - I have not purchased any gems. Have been tempted though but my frugal self always slaps me in the face, haha. But I have been often tempted in restarting the game for the sake of replaying and maybe focus on just one. I mean, if it’s going to be awhile before those who are on break come back, then I might as well utilize the time accordingly. And like I said, I’m cheap so I love the daily log-in. Rack up the gems so when Lovelink even starts ramping up the game by creating new content consistently and often, I’ll be ready.
I’ll eventually get around in deciding what I’ll do. Till then, I’ve been making sure I get my daily log-in gems. :slight_smile: