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Restore coins, cash, dna and dino levels?


Coins: approx 350 000
Cash: approx 1 500

Coins: approx 41 000
Cash: approx 71

OK! I should be honest… my five year old daughter used my phone. She managed to evolve random dinos worth more than 300 000 coins. She also bought a lot of darts for my cash. Approx for over 1 400 cash.

Is there any chance to get my coins and cash back? And restoring dinos to previous levels?
If Yes…I guess I need to stop playing?

Could anyone from Ludia give a response before I send an e-mail to Ludia Support?
Or if any other user have experience of this… :slight_smile: please post an answer



99% chance youre just out of luck I’d say. But nothing lost in sending an email and asking. Worst case scenario ur still out those resources (which u will be if u don’t ask anyways). Best case scenario they restore it. May as well just ask.


I agree its worth a shot to ask… just know there most likely gonna tell you they cant do anything.

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I doubt there is anything they can do. We’ve had similar things come up before.

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This happened to me before when I let my nephew use my phone I lost 200k in coins and about 2k in cash I emailed ludia but the response was nothing we can do please in future keep a eye on your phone.

As others say its worth a try emailing ludia as ever circumstance is different.

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They never return spent items in cases like this. They are pretty hard line about it too. If they weren’t every other person that purchased a garbage Incubator would e-mail them and say it was a kid who did the buying.


Yes I totally understand.

I have e-mailed support but have no hope in getting my game progress restored. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your answers though. I better keep my phone for myself :laughing:

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The expected response from Ludia Support:

“Hello Rickard,

Thank you for contacting us.

I am sorry to hear about that! Sadly, we are unable to perform a reset of the account or undo all the changes done to an account on a specified time. Please know that it is the account owner’s responsibility to take care of their account at all times.

I would like to apologize if I am not able to help you in this issue. However, if you have any other issues or concerns you need help with, then please do not hesitate to let me know.

Your understanding is appreciated. Thank you!”


Approx 71.


PouncePounceBaby :smile: :joy:

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I’ve been teaching my 5 year old how to play the game. Every so often he messes up like when he thought he could take on an epic incubator but still if you teach them how to play at least they won’t ruin your resource management. Just make sure you ask them to tell you before doing anything.