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Restore didn't properly restore

Hello! I was playing the Heartcoil Deep challenge. Shevarith had just been dominated by the Ulitharid. Halbenet had the rare boots equipped. He walked, the 75% effect triggered…and Shevarith was still dominated. Restore is supposed to remove domination, so this glitch cost me a successful run. I just wanted to report this glitch so you can address it quickly!

Thanks for reporting this, Benjamin_Fitzgerald. Our team is looking into it.

It just happened a second time. Same challenge. I’m going to switch boots until this is fixed. Thanks for looking into it!

Hmm. Interesting! This time, Tommus was dominated, and the boots restored Tommus. The glitch only seems to affect Shevarith.

Was Shevarith targeted by the restore? At least for my boots (level 8), there’s a 100% chance of triggering a restore, but it’ll only work for 3 characters, so it could’ve skipped the wizard…

Level 7-9 restore 3 allies but that includes the cleric as one of the possible 3 that is selected so there is a 25% chance that whomever is dominated will not be restored.

At level 10 it will restore everyone

Ps I’ve had it fail to restore the same person twice with my level 7 boots :wink: just bad luck

I also use restore on dwarf when doing jellypuss

Oh snap! You’re right - I didn’t realize that! Guess it’s not a bug! :smiley: