Restrictions, a new passive effect made by me

‘Restrictions’ is a passive effect that restricts the opposing creature from doing a certain activity. For example, a restriction can stop the opponent from healing, another can stop the opponent from increasing ferocity/crit chance, etc.
Some of the restrictions can be -

  1. No Heal - 75% chance that the opponent cannot heal
  2. Restrict Sidestep - 75% chance that the opponent cannot use the move Sidestep
  3. No Guard - 75% chance that the opponent cannot use dodge or shield
  4. No Escape - It is now converted to a restriction passive effect. 100% chance that the opponent cannot swap out.
  5. Pacify - 75% chance that the opponent cannot increase attack/crit chance
  • If our creature restricts the effects of a move of the opposing creature, but the move does damage, then if the opponent chooses that move, the damage will be done but the effect will not activate. For eg - if our creature has No Guard, and the opponent uses evasive rampage, then we will receive the 2x damage, but the opponent will not be dodging.
  • For limiting the power of these restrictions, there can be a resistance from restriction as a whole (like Resistance to Restriction - 75%). It will work the same way as resistance to swap prevention/resistance to stun.
  • Restrictions may also affect passive moves. For eg, if our creature has Pacify, and the opponent has alert deception, then the alert deception will not increase the opponent’s attack
  • Restrictions will bypass all other resistances (except the restriction resistance, of course). For example, No Escape will 100% swap prevent a creature immune/resistant to swap prevention.
  • The RNG part of the restriction can be removed, like all restrictions will have a 100% chance to effect
  • OR the restriction resistance part can be removed.
  • I have not thought of any icon, so any art will be appreciated!
    What are your thoughts?

Now this is a good idea!

Another part of pacify could be no revenge

I just realized there could be counter restrictions… oh no

Another edit: Not necessarily a restriction, but a restriction to swap in damage?


yeah didnot think of that at first

that would make restrictions OP, so it is better that something like Restrict Counter should not exist. Much like how something like ‘Swap In Devastation’ can exist, but does not.


No 1-5, no thanks we already have a lot of Rng aspect in this game, i don’t wanna this cause more chaos in arena ( example : you win because your opponent didnt get their ferocity attack work )

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this change can be made