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Restrictions on Rarities

Am I the only one that feels that there should be a rarity limit in each persons playing pool like most card games, etc?
Like unlimited common, 3 rare, 2 epic, 1 legendary and 1 unique? Give some of the other Dinos a chance? It’s like I fight the same groups over and over yet there’s over a hundred and something dinosaurs in the game!
And it’s odd that Miragaia and Dracorex 2 are still as beast as they are :smiley:

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Miragaia a beast? Mine is still level 1. Only time I have ever faced one is on a team tanking trophies.

I’ve fought some level 18 and above that can be a chore due to its armor bypassing counter.

I’ve only fought Miragaia once, and I have to say that it definitely surprised me…


Lol… I was expecting something much different. Well done sir, that was brilliant.


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