Results of a Rare scent capsule

I actually scored a rare scent from a low level battle tower. Thankfully I didn’t fork over coins or dollars for it. Here’s what I got:

Ophiacodon x 2
Lythronax x 3
Dracorex gen 2
Ankylosaurus gen 2

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Megalo and raptor! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: not to shabby!

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Thx! Megalosaurus DNA is good. Would be especially great if I had my Gorgosuchus, but finding Kaprosuchus DNA is proving to be pretty tough. My Kapro is sitting at level 9, just inches from leveling up.

I know your pain. Kapro only shows up at night so unless you are a night hunter you may not see him. I have the same issue. I can’t hunt at night so much :-1:t3:

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What the what??? Kapro only shows up at night!!!? No wonder I’m not seeing it. I didn’t know certain dinos spawned at certain hours of the day. I learn something new about this game every day!

Yep! He’s a night spawn! I’m sure someone around here has the link to spawn mechanics. Lemme tag em. @Hersh @Rothferd @Idris @TheMaxx

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There it is! Thanks!!!

Are you sure it was an epic scent capsule? Didn’t see any epics in your list…

Here’s a link to spawn mechanics…

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yep! It’s a night time Dino!
And a valuable one at that!

It rare scent @Anthony_Papadopoulos

If you want find kapro use that rare scent at night time i m sure 1 or 2 kapro will show up.

Stupid comment on my part, thanks for pointing that out… Sorry, just woke up!

Nope bro, haha

This will help bud
Ha ok I was a little late with that.

Night or at hospitals :hospital:

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Also nest spawns near hospitals

Oops - echo echo echo

I don’t see much of kapro either, but I do see more in the early morning hours before the sun comes up on the game than I do at night for some reason. There is a hospital close, but not close enough to my work that he sometimes shows up at. I tried a rare capsule there once with no luck.

Can someone share how many rare dinos you get on an average using a single rare scent?

My Utarinex has been on hold from months due to lack of Dracorex. I have stopped grinding for dinos since it is time consuming and was thinking of buying rare scent and using it in L2 might be a better option.

Dracorex seems to be an anytime rare in L2. But based on experience, does anyone suggest some preferred time of day to use scents?

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