Resurrection Bug


i used 250 gems to resurrect my team on the Bugbear boss and it did revive them but my character could not take action wether its attack, use a skill or skip turn.


As in, the UI for performing a new action doesn’t appear? Did it look similar to this?

I’ve been encountering a similar issue where, when multiple party members die and one is resurrected by the cleric’s Rare Bone weapon, this happens; I was encountering it frequently on the Minotaur levels.

At some point, I should assemble together my screenshots and submit a real bug report.


no not quite like this , my party was fully healed but the body of my cleric was still there with the one alive basically.


Hey sliver, thanks for reporting this issue to us. Contact our support team here at with your support key so they can investigate further. If you have any screenshots of the issue, it’ll be really helpful if you also included them in your email as well.