Rethink on boosts

While browsing here waiting for the maintenance to end I’ve seen an innumerous amount of posts and comments complaining about boosts and battles.

I remember when boosts were first added. They were interesting, fun. Getting a speed advantage over you opponent, or a damage one was exciting. Now, boosts are just, well, boosts. Added levels. Tiring grinding. I’d like to make some kind of proposition on them:

As someone stated before, stick to like 9 boosts max in total, and 6 boosts max on one stat. That way it isn’t overwhelmingly powerful, but you still might get the speed advantage, damage advantage, or survive a big hit because of your health advantage. That’s what it was originally about right? Customizing your dinos.

Another thing I’d like to add is that boosts should not only reset every season with this, but everyone should lose their boosts. Why? So that people have an incentive to try out new combinations, and we’ll still have that brief period of time where people aren’t boosted.

One last thing: Because of this Apex raids are gonna be more difficult, so possibly to counter this I’d say tone them hp + damage a bit, just enough to compensate

Willing to hear your opinions on this :wink:

P.S.:boosts would be fully refunded ofc, wish ludia would refund the actual money some spent specifically to get boosts if this thing above were the case, but probably not going to happen :confused:
Maybe they refund us with like two epic incubators, or like a unique and an epic for those in lockwood library and up
Discussion is mainly about how to refund boosts, though the idea is that they shouldn’t unless ludia can give back the money, which won’t happen

P.P.S.: Most agree this shouldn’t be implemeted into the main game pvp, but whatabout like tourneys? Could spice things up a bit. Like LTM boosts for just the tourneys


Ok and the people that bought boosts?

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they’d get compensated in some way

though ngl the people who most want boosts removed are the ones who bought them

this would be a way to keep them in the game without completely removing them

I can assure you this is not the case. People have spent real life money on boosts so unless Ludia is willing to “compensate” them all of their money this isn’t going to happen and honestly shouldn’t happen.


as someone that does tapjoys to get boosts I don’t think I want all that time I spent to go to void just because ppl can’t build a boosted team a certain way.

Do you buy boosts? If not, don’t talk for those who do lol.

Hopefully this wasn’t bait, looked like bait but we’ll see.

Ah, keep forgetting people spend money on the game. I was just thinking in terms of in-game bucks

Though with all the boost hate going around and people wanting to remove boosts completely, would you think this is an interesting alternative?

nope. I prefer a shuffle event every 3 or 4 months. Or every update they have creature changes.


Looked like bait? I’ve grinded for boosts, bought them when they went on that really big sale a while ago. If we just got the bucks fully refunded is it really that big of a deal then?

There’s no way Ludia is gonna be able to refund everyone all the HC ever spent on it that’s just not happening best case scenario we would get a rare incubator

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hmm…boosts have been prevalent for a while now, most of the higher levels have gotten a bunch of them, so maybe like a unique incubator for the ones in lockwood library and up, epic for those in like aviary through sorna marsh, and rare incubator for everyone else.


I seriously can’t tell if you are joking or not. They literally sold boosts in the store every day for like 3 months straight. A unique incubator doesn’t come remotely close to “compensation”. Not to mention the boost bundles available for real money. You are right, boosts have been in the game for a while now, which means they aren’t going away and people just need to live with that fact at this point.

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okay, since you’re then main person replying to me, could you tell me what kind of compensation you might possibly find in any way acknowledgable or what you deserve?

to not remove boosts. There is literally nothing that would compensate for them deciding to completely remove boosts.

I would be happy with 2k toura 2.5k dentis and 2k magna with 5,000,000 coins

that’s not even worth it to me :rofl:. I wouldn’t even feel compensated with 5,000 Pelta DNA right now.

Yeah I imagine people high up like you probs have 250 boosts lol

not even gonna be close to what would be needed for a lot of people.
only acceptable compensation is refunding the actual money used to purchase boosts.
ludia would probably go under tho.

Yeah lol poor Ludia they don’t have many options here

Boosts themselves arent a bad thing. it was how ludia went about implementing them that caused all the shortfall and frustration. can’t really turn back time now. and trying to fix it will com with its own challenges some of which can put the company out of business.


Yeah I was happy when they released… gave the game a lot more variety some of the ways they can be used now can terrorize lower arena players