Rethink your Dart & Scent Pricing


First the darts.

10 green bucks for 10 darts? That is only enough darts to dart one dino. 10 green bucks at minimum should give 100 darts. Please at least add a zero on to each amount of darts.

Scent Capsules.

I’m willing to pay 50 for 5 regular scent capsules. Based on what I’ve gotten from them it’s worth it if ever I’m so bored.

I might pay 200 green bucks IF I were to for sure get 10 rares in the 20 minutes which would be 20 green bucks per dino. I would for sure be willing to pay 100 green bucks for a rare scent capsule if I were to get 10 rares, 10 green bucks per rare. At least I would be tempted.

I would NOT pay 1000 green bucks even if I got 10 epic spawns in the 20 minutes which would be 100 green bucks per dino. I might pay 500 but only if I got a for sure 10 epics out of the deal… Might because that is a good 11 days of getting the 40 green bucks plus the 6 hour incubators which I only get 3. I would really be tempted if these were 200 green bucks if I were to get 10 epics out of the deal.

I know from the daily capsules, they spawns the random global and local zone creatures, including rares and epics. If rare capsules gave 10 rares and epic capsules gave 10 epics and I really needed a chance at certain epics from a certain local zone I might just purchase them but not at these prices, even if they spawned all rares and all epics. At these prices I’m not tempted at all.

This is just my 2 cents. Everyone thinks different.



The darts are the most ridiculous price ever.


buying darts after the first update :joy:
you’re definitely doing something wrong if you ever run out of darts.


The darts are high priced… but if your out walking you dont really ever need them… unless im using scents on my couch…

Your whole idea on scent pricing is simply not going to happen. Like ever. I can hit 150-170 dna per encounter on a rare creature im not even close to max level under your idea id easily double if not triple the 577 dna guranteed in a blue incubator at 1/3 of the price… same for epic scents. Just not gonna happen.


I play as a passenger, and I run out all the time cuz I can reach dinos, but not supply drops. I’ll never spend my game cash on them though–ridiculous price.


I can see that happening on the freeways or toll roads. I was (at least attempting) playing while a passenger on a business trip which was a 4 hour ride on the freeway. Of all places not to put drops. I was grabbing dinos off in the subdivisions. Luckily there was an occasional drop on a bridge or on a side road along the freeway if my gps wandered me close enough to keep up on darts. I wasn’t playing a lot because my gps would hang up and stop following or jump every 2 minutes with the “I’m a Passanger” button. But when stuck a mile back (or two) on the freeway, I would look around and grab something if it was good. Occasionally the gps would follow along but wouldn’t load much at 80 mph.


If you want to discuss scent capsule, must say, that price is still more deserve than incubators.

That means, they must drop the price of incubators first.


They need to drop the pricing of rare incubators because everything recently in them is rubbish


Ive never had to buy darts but honestly if I were say sick… I could use scents and dart from my death bed… In that case it would be nice to have a reasonable price for darts


I haven’t had the best luck with epic scent capsules lately. 13 capsules averaging 15 epics in total with 13 being Koolasuchus and only one Ankylosaurus almost made the odds comparable to getting Ankylosaurus from buying incubators. I hope they have another Ankylosaurus event soon


much like the lottery is a tax on the stupid, the dart price is a tax on the lazy.


It’s not ideal hunting, but it’s a good use of my time at least.