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Rethinking Tommus

I have been thinking about it and I don’t believe the problem is that Tommus is op. I have said before that I thought he was but I have changed my mind. The way to beat a tank is to stay out of his way and to slowly wear him down from a distance, some people have even suggested this as a strategy. The problem is that with the small size of the battlefield it is hard to get away. If you are able to get away the chances are you end up in a place that starts on fire and then lowers your available hit points. I understand they are trying to speed up battles but by doing so they take away a valid battle strategy to defeat tanks or anyone else you want to stay out of melee range of.

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That is very true, Mkb617. Immobile is also very useful for keeping Tommus away at a distance from your team.

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I agree and I use that when I can. The problem is that if he acts early the only way to get back and then immobilize him away from you is to back up where there will soon be fire. I also don’t like the fire because it gives too much advantage, even more so than lucky randomness should get, to the team who goes first and has the easiest shot at gaining the only safe ground in the game. What I’d like to see is a way to gain back the lost hit points that can happen in a battle where everyone is basically equal and one guy got lucky enough to gain safety. Maybe something like, if you are able to gain your enemy’s territory, it gives back any lost max hit points at the same rate you lost them while pinned back. It would still be tough to do but at least you’d have a shot.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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