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Return back the 30s AI button for Non-tourney arena

Dear mod,
can help inform ludy to return back the “30s battle AI” button if players stil cant find match? if the “30s” is the prob, change it to whatever number that ludy want.
I have huge prob with what we have right now, in higher arena, we have difficulty:-

  1. to complete even simple task “kill 10 dino” for daily incub. yesterday ive spent 55 minutes just to find match + to kill 10 dinos for DBI
  2. difficulty to collect/farm irri, baryG2, aram & puru as they are all incub exclusive

i afraid soon i might have prob even to just doing simple task to collect my daily 4/4/4 boost because of this prob. ive to spent almost 1 hour daily (20 minutes to find each match) for the past 3 days.
thanks in advance



I just want the ability to fight A.I. right from the start. Is that too much to ask for?


Honestly, there is so much complaining on the forums that I have no idea how the mods dont rampage on people. That said, this is a reasonable request. Sitting in a queue waiting on a match is not fun. Getting stomped by a 166 speed Thor doesnt bother me not even a little. Sitting for 10 minutes to get a match, that does suck the fun out.


This feature will return, it was turned off as a temporary measure. As to when, I do not have dates or times.

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What’s the 30s AI button and why cant we all have it and not just the 30s to farm incubators. They arent the only ones getting timeouts. Is it 30 seconds or level 30s.

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Are we going to have it each tournament??

Such a pain and a waste of time. I’m changing my rating on Google store until all the mess that came with 1.7 is fixed. This update was a serious setback for the game. I can’t even imagine how a new player that missed unlimited stat boosts is supposed to do? I guess it turns into an hunt game but even this fails if the recipient for hybrids are arena exclusives…


They are supossed to un-install and find a game worth playing. This one is not.

If you didnt buy $200+ worth of boosts on that one day, then there litterally is no point in even having this game installed right now.

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Exactly. I changed my review on the store to talk about this.
Don’t want some new players to waste their time. I want them to know what it’s like since 1.7.
If they are here for hunting only and solo mode it’s okayish.

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I agree with that. Any new players that start after this month are going to have a bad time. The Battle of AI button should be for all levels