Return boost 100 pct after a nerf

I know that ludia gives players 50 percent back if they want to get boost back. I agree with that, however … if ludia chooses to provide a dino with a grain, they should return 100 percent in my opinion. what is your opinion ??? as ludia expensive paid boost. want to render useless by a grain then that conscious boost must be able to be fully recovered. if there is no grain, then 50 percent is fair.


Grain Should ben nerf , Google translate :see_no_evil:

This topic has been brought up several times already. Don’t see it ever happening as I am pretty sure it is part of Ludia’s strategy for monetizing the game. Create a dino like Income Raptor, get people to boost it, nerf it.Wash, rinse, repeat. Would it be fair? Sure, but this is Ludia.

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They should refund the whole thing, period.

They do more taking away and breaking things than actually making this game fun.